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GRUNDINTEGRALER  Med PREFIXxSIN · generellt obestämda integraler

BASIC INTEGRALS in PREFIXxSIN · generally undetermined integrals ([x=0] ≠ [y=0]) ¦ student crashes on it

unless aqcuainted, most definitely, see testDetermined example further below



The above expressions are here just for a short overview from earlier works in UH — more document space is needed to relate.

THIS SUBJECT IS tremendously HUGE — it easily fills (innumerable) BOOKS with many heavy pages.

— So interesting one could die for half of it. Absolutely.



Introduction to Cosmic Existence — related mathematics and physics:

gravitation energy E = Gm2/r = G(n→∞)m2/r(n→∞)  = WORK = Fr = G(m/r)2 · r:

as much as is collected by fall, is returned by recoil — if the bounce is free from frictional losses: zero viscosity: all ideal mechanics




Probably THIS IS perhaps the most difficult to understand and apprehend CONDITION — state: no change — that exists, at all:

— THE SURFACE UNDER THE M-GRAPH IS LIMITED — has a definite top max value = 1 square unit

— despite the very fact that there is no point where its surface ends, reaches its x axis: »limited by The Endless» as in 1 = (x→∞)/(x→∞).

   The surface form extends infinitely: never ends, never stops, restlessly continuing to extend without ever stopping.

   This example explains the core of the concept ”endless”, ”without limit” or (as in related mathematics and physics): the quantity independent.

   See Application further below. The following ranks explain the above curvatures.

Dn (I=y) = y’ = d[(1+x–2)–1/2]/dx = (1+x–2)–1/2 – 1 = –3/2(–1/2)(–2)x–2–1=–3 = (1+x–2)–3/2x–3 = (x2+1)–3/2 = M modus

[modus, from Latin: way, manner, fashion ¦ »measure»] — the derivative, the variation: the variant [as selected term] in related mathematics.

M         = (x2+1)–3/2 ; surface form

I            = (1+x–2)–1/2 ¦ limes(1 + 1/[x→∞]2)–1/2 = (1 + 0)–1/2 = 1 surface limit ¦   M = I(M) =  dy = y =  (x2+1)–3/2 dx = (1+x–2)–1/2 = I ; testDetermined:

1/ = d1 0 ;  1/ 0  1/(1/) =   ¦  x=0: [(1+1/02)–1/2] = [(1+1/0)–1/2] → [1/(1+)1/2] = 0 ¦ the integral is already determined = good to go for surface calculations;

1/ = d1 0 ;  1/ 0 = 1/(0  d1 = 1/) = = (1/)–1 .


Modern academy: Say it — this is wrong:

Forcing the student to study destructive ideas of mathematics for collecting merits in praising academic thinking


(INTEGRAL systematic) MATHEMATICS with practical examples, see Si1 (first system integral) ¦ ZeroIntegral ..

— It resembles a veritable nightmare. (Please say I’m dreaming, make me wake up from this horrible torment ..).


Related physics and mathematics First System Integral:



IT cannot be expressed in modern academic manners

— without completely destroying its STRUCTURAL usability: nature — as in Euler’s Equivalents. Say again.


My tip: none. Not one. Say it: that is wrong. Come again.


CosmoA: ComIn

APPLICATION from CosmicIntro

So. Now that we have a first solid proof of the meaning and function of the quantity independent , what it means, what it stands for, and how to use it: Let us compile to know the most prominent expressions in RELATED physics and mathematics (because modern academy apparently has no representation here) where it exhibits its most prominent status:




the reader may very well express a different opinion by related argumentation, please share



physics: E = Fd = G · m2 · m/d² · d = Gm2/d :

gravitational energy equivalents


FRACTAL property — the atomic nucleus property ¦ hollow toroid ±e fractals — as deduced in TNED: The Planck Ring.

Physics 7th in TNED: PASTOM — principle structure of mass. Related physics.

c = λf  = λ(n→∞)f(n→∞)–1 = λ(n→∞)–1f(n→∞): absolute time measuring cannot be made based on electric devises: local gravitation compromises that.

E = hf = h(n→∞)f(n→∞)–1 = h(n→∞)–1f(n→∞): PlanckRINGstructure(atomicNucleus)Constant: see PlankRING1 and PlankRING2:

There is an uncertainty level for each fractal level — not only the one (the atomic nucleus) on the Rim to the macrocosmic domain, thank you very much.




 physics first


Equivalents are equivalents. Math is Math.

 E = Gm2/r = G(n→∞)m2/r(n→∞) ¦ the cosmic c0-body: endless supply provides a constant [Kcell] pulsational work


IT apparently IS further SUGGESTED THAT:


THE MODERN (1800+) ACADEMIC IDEA OF A MATHEMATICALLY EXPLAINABLE COSMIC EXISTENCE based on a (1800+) academically suggested limited quantity of mass, apparently and mathematically provably in to the very last cosmic Boltzmann atom


Available Gravitational Energy: G · (n→∞)m22/r(n→∞) :  SUPPLY(m→∞) – HEAT(m→γ) = Kcell   the cosmic central ever pulsating K-cell : mathematics’ simple solution

— Claim whatever you want, in whatever manner you want. Absolutely. The doors are always open 24/7:

   Universe has a central gravitation center: gravitational red shift phenomena guaranteed. See further in THEMORESOM.


Experimental Confirmations ¦ Physics First ¦ K-cellHeatPhysics ¦  The Electric Constant ¦ all natural constants:



— .. excuse me: mathematical ignorance? Explain.

— Yes.

   NOT because of any defect in INTELLIGENCE. Absolutely not. No way.

— Apparently more because less acquainted with the innate content: more interested in inventing than deducing,

   HENCE: spontaneous generation of (weed) BLOCKAGES — by drift, not plan — blocking a deeper and broader understanding of the nature we live in. Nobody wanted it to be so.

   If there are arguments against, please do share. Searched for. None yet found;

   Not one word HumanRight = a knowledge domain: gravitation, electricity: LIFE. Question is:

— Do these leading world PhD aces even understand The Natural Concept? Say.

— »To me, you seem so fucked up, I would be surprised if you found your way to the parking»,

(SHOOTER, Mark Wahlberg 2007).


c0 = 2.99792458 T8 M/S

Case history:

Oct2018                                                              A direct hit shows up on the TNED K-cell deduced Sun photometric IAU test:

3.827500101 T26 W ...........................   TNED

3.827500000 T26 W ...........................   ± 0.0014  IAU standard 2015¦2018

TNED used constants from The instrumental epoch [1960-1999]


8.8543 C/VM ......................................   ε0NUMERIC the schoolbook value electric constant

6.67 t11 JM/(KG)2 .............................   G the universal gravitation constant [1960+ scientific literature]

1.9896618301 T30 KG ......................   mS Sun mass now, Kepler’s 3rd on Earth anomalistic period t in [r³/t²]/[G/4pi²]

1.991 532 855 300 T30 KG ...............   mSbegin  part of the IAU-test result — @

1025.048157738 Mpc .......................    rVIZ UniverseEdgevisibleRIM, iterative variable in the test, see ITERATIONS


Extended IAU-tests [ IAU-test SunAGE 20.805 Gy ] on an alternatively suggested G-significand 6.6701566963 from TheGtest in the planetary perihelion precession subject:

Further IAU-tests including the electric constant on the more precise 4 pi value 8.8541878176 t12 gives dramatically improved IAU-test results:

BA1978: 1AU=1.495 978 700 T11 M ¦ EarthAnomalistic ENCARTA99 365.2596425d , 1d = 86400 S


3.82750000000000 T26 W ................    TNED full 12/14 decimal precision

3.82750000000000 T26 W ................    ± 0.0014  IAU standard 2015¦2018


8.85418781762039 C/VM ..................   ε0NUMERIC = 1/(4π t7 AM/VS · c02) shows direct dramatic precision improvement

6.67010000933000 JM/(KG)2 ...........   G KcellAnalys2022a.ods T1 compiled ColH ¦ T2 iterated source H31¦E50

1.98963199772617 T30 KG  .............   mS Sun mass now: [r³/t²]/[G/4pi²] — no need for tests anymore

1.99269226386621 T30 KG ..............   mSbegin  part of the IAU-test result — @

1025.0072676381 Mpc ......................   rVIZ UniverseEdgevisibleRIM, iterative variable in the test

From here we continue the IAU-tests only by examining results preserving the significands 3.827 500 000 000 00:


Beginning to test on the primary raw adopted parameters K=1.5, tau2.7°K and DspaceAverage 1HydrogenAtomPer10M³ [in rVIZ 1000MPc]

on finding more precise data references — tau 2.725 °K — along with the earlier result rVIZ = 1025.077MPc:


The precision results

   allows direct calculation of the planet’s anomalistic periods — for direct instrumental observational comparison

   allows direct calculation of the planet’s perihelion precession values — for direct instrumental observational comparison

   allows direct calculation of the former composed general natural constant K-cell equation




SolenT2022.ods T2 A217


THE INSTRUMENTAL EPOCH standard values u(1.66033) h(6.62559) nU(1.0086652)

also with the original standard 6.67 for G

have already been accounted for in the first (Oct2018) IAU standard values comparing test.



   While the standard (1960-1999) values (excellently) match the IAU 3.8275 ± 0.0014 value, the later data epoch (2000+) values does not satisfy the Sun photometric value in this TNED related physics general K-cell cosmological test.

   We suspected the reason to be a prominent New Era Time for Computering Older School Results — which entails »adding parameters to make it look more the way we Aces like it». Not good.

   See the resuming IAU-test in the EndTEST.


Further attempting tests on the data standard values (e u h) only underlined the already stated result. See TESTING OTHER CANDIDATES.

While a positive test would show enhanced precision values on a further iterative basis, the tested candidates exposed a divergent attitude: even worse — IF the IAU precision result is respected.

But it should also be noted: We have not tested all possible combinations. These here reported results are valid only to the extent of them here presented details.


With the r0c solved, all the natural constants have now found their (basic) significands in the TNED deduced K-cell cosmological equation (»the general G equation» as above).

   Having found a more precise value for the (tauP) cosmological background radiation (originally adopted 2.7 °K) presents a new challenge on a further IAU-test:


   The more precise value 2.725 from the former 2.7 reduced r0c:

   Adopting the IAU-tested higher zVIZ(1025Mpc) from the former 1000Mpc has the opposite effect on r0c. So:

   In preserving the G-equation calculated r0c, some of the former (raw) parameters hence must be adjusted. Type: 1HydrogenPer10M³ original average visual universal space (BA1978s381sp2mn) to 1HydrogenPer10.1M³. These minor adjustments would (hence) be acceptable in preserving the G-equation results — as the BA1978-data on this level anyway are approximated values, what we know.

   Given the r0c value, the K-cell mass m0cK value follows.

REPCONCONE: CosmoA   As of 21Jan2023 results in

SolenT2022.ods T2  A144





The Electric Constant ¦ Experimental Confirmations ¦ Physics First ¦ G ¦ CosmicBACKGROUNDvalueQuotes ¦ u h nU c0 ¦ 18 ¦ Number18 — the short version [the energy part should not have been mentioned Jan2020 at that stage in this UniverseHistory production. But it so happened it came along — sort of cropped — anyway. Truth is: We are not there until the instrumental proof stands on the table].




  No fathomable for the average pedestrian

corresponding »direct cosmological equation for test» exists in modern quarters.

No way.

— How can that so surely be stated?

Dmax. Absolutely. Our Atomic Universe. (In other words ..)








— Get the fuck out of my beach.


Remarks:                                     22Jan2023


   Granting (CaseHistory) the results based on further IAU-tests (12 decimals) certified G (universal gravitational constant) and mS (present Sun mass) values taken through THE ELECTRIC CONSTANT ε0 = 1/(4π t7 AM/VS · c02) = 8.85418781762039 C/VM, these will be used here in UH on all further tests for further improvements.

   The IAU-test performs only a SUN age test — as in the IAU verifying result:

   SunAGE: 20.805 Gy.

Original approximated result: rounded KcellAGE: 16.295 + 4.52 = 20.815 Gy ¦ mPspace = 10.193146 ¦ T1 J16

The Cambridge International Astronomy BA1978s324sp2n states a rough average galaxy distance 3Mpc.

That distance by K-cell expansion time from its detonation moment responds to a smallest possible time margin near 10My [CRITERIArZ]. Same as a most close possible birth of our Milky Way Galaxy as an ejected J-body from the detonation’s K-cell inner wall. Resulting approximated MilkyWaySunAGE: 20.815 — 0.01 = 20.805Gy:

That yields: A first approximated age of our galaxy and its possible Solar Systems in Milky Way: 20.805Gy.

So the [most precise] IAU-test was launched on that approximated premise of a 20.805 Gy old Solar system. From there the other parameters were iterated for IAU matching verifications [now 12¦14 decimals].

As such, only the IAU matching result (3.827500000000) will continue to grant further accuracy on that premise.

   With the (REPCONCONE) more precise results from the COSMIC BACKGROUND RADIATION reported measures, a corresponding adjusted value of the KcellAGE appears:

Exemplified: From original approximations to further precise:

mPspace 10.193146 ¦ rKVIZ 1000.0000 ¦ tauP  2.70000 ¦ KcellAGE 20.815Gy

mPspace 10.104004 ¦ rKVIZ 1025.0072 ¦ tauP  2.72548 ¦ KcellAGE 20.848Gy ........DIFFERENCE: + 33My

   Attempting from here (22Jan2023) to calculate the past history of our Galaxy and its Solar Systems (max 6007, TNED says, if similar to our own [PlutoStatusPreference]) THEN INEVITABLY that reckoning must pay some attention to a smallest possible OFFSET time margin on the named 33 My million years magnitude;

— That is: How the Milky Way galaxy group gravity center possibly came to reside near the Andromeda galaxy group gravity center; rZ by 33My makes d=vt=c0·33My =

10.1180223049 Mpc — all provided both really reside near the (c0) K-cell center. Shorter:

— Present rough distance MilkyWay-Andromeda = 0.7Mpc. Assuming an already parked centered Andromeda: how did Milky get there from a smallest birth distance some 10Mpc?

   See further details from SunAGE (The K-cell TNED solution is almost dirty).




Detailed in RelatedPlanckCMB


TNED relates CMB in RelatedPlanckCMB (conventionally termed Cosmic Microwave Background radiation):

rcx = (tPmax=16.3Gy) · c0/2√[(K=1.5)2 + 1]

It resembles (up til tPmax) the radius rcx inside space of a light radiating sphere — a ball lamp seen from its inside — expanding simultaneously with the K-cell developed heat physics (Stefan-Boltzmann radiation law basics). The corresponding radiation temperature value can be calculated from the Wien displacement law (Planck radian law derivative) together with a known mean Doppler effect constant (K gravitational redshift sensitive). See further TNED data in (BaseDATA) and K-cell Pmax. See also The statistical free Full PLANCK RADIATION LAW DEDUCTION from Planck’s entropy expression, and the more simply deduced Planck radiation law.



Maybe one of astronomy’s greatest moments, Jan1990:


  Less than two months later, COBE had sent enough information that the investigators could construct the shape of the radiation curve. Was the curve that of a black body radiation as predicted by Equation (12.46)? In the winter meeting of the American Astronomical Society held outside Washington, DC, on January 13, 1990, one of the principal investigators put up an image (reproduced in Figure 12.4) of the plotted data points on the screen.


An eerie silence fell over the audience, which immediately turned into frenzied applause and a standing ovation.


The data points fell exactly on the theoretical curve!

The CBR was a black body radiator, and its temperature was


2.725 ± 0.001undefinedK.”,


ScienceDirect (20Jan2023) — Limited access articles ¦ Cosmic Background Radiation

Early Universe ¦ Sadri Hassani, in Special Relativity, 2017

12.5 Cosmic Background Radiation


  The cosmic microwave background (CMB, CMBR) is microwave radiation that fills all space. It is a remnant that provides an important source of data on the primordial universe.[1]


Precise measurements of the CMB are critical to cosmology, since any proposed model of the universe must explain this radiation.


The CMB has a thermal black body spectrum at a temperature of

2.72548±0.00057 K.[5] ”,

WIKIPEDIA Cosmic microwave background (20Jan2023)


   ANY HUMAN IS NOT ALLOWED TO READ THE CONTENT. No access. And then: it is a meaningless information — no matter its accurate content. Science is for all humans, independent of status — or not at all. Stop killing humanity. Reorganize.

   IF Wikipedia refers a purchasable BOOK: REPORT THE CITE. Show the actual claim in readable letters. Make science available for all, without distinction. Leave no one behind.


   That which is not visible on the table, has no referring value.


  Det var det mest perfekta svartkroppsspektrum man någonsin sett i naturen och en slående bekräftelse på att universum en gång varit åtminstone hundratusentals grader hetare än det är idag.”,

UNIVERSUMS FÖDELSE (The origin of the universe 1994), John D. Barrow, Natur och Kultur 1995, s24

freely translated:

It was the most perfect black body radiation spectra one had ever seen in nature, and a striking confirmation that the universe once was at least hundreds of thousands degrees hotter than it is today.


IN the TNED deduced K-cell expansion heat physics mathematics, we can follow the deduced Stefan-Boltzmann radiation law Planck HeatRIM wall sphere’s temperature history from the moment of the K-cell detonation (tOFFSET: 1.983220 t4 S). It begins with a τ ¦ °K = τrz = (P/[ak· rZ2])1/4 yielding a first primary τWALL of 2 255 705.364 °K. At power max after t@Pmax 16.321Gy on a Pmax = 3.89 T48W the Stefan-Boltzmann-Planck-Wall heat has decreased to a the final heat sphere wall τWALL of 8.175 °K — which it took 4.527 Gy to TIME TRAVEL to our assumed K-cell center region position (MilkyWay-Andromeda galaxy group, see THE ANDROMEDA TEST) exhibiting with Doppler and gravitational red shift components included, as deduced along with a continued K-cell expansion history, the now familiar measured cosmic background Planck heat radiation degree 2.723.. °K. See formula details in Related physics CMBdetails.


The fine CMB structure values

Barrow adds (s24-25) a further detail — without which the following (most likely) would not have been noted in UH — a difficult concept to grasp for the layman:


Inspecting the small millidegree fluctuations in the above Hassani2017 reported final CMB applause, a systematic diagonal difference was observed  with respect to a given direction not here yet clarified on a related data source (The Move Aspect):

   Barrow (translated, s25)

”.. means that we are moving through the radiation in a certain direction ..”.

The intensity of the radiation

”.. will appear greatest when we look in that direction and smallest 180 degrees away, and should therefore expose a characteristic variation as cosine for the angle ..  ”sky’s great cosine” ..”.

   Se further (explaining) details in RelatedPlanckCMB.














DISPOSITION |  Teckenförklaringar: MusKLICKVänster | Höger:  |   — RullaMushjulet FRÅN | MOTDig:  |


Se även i Ännu olösta programdetaljer



Startexempel — mata in x^2, tryck F11

Alla Funktionskommandon

Se alla funktionskommandon i FUNKTIONSKOMMANDON

Grafritningens EkvationsPanel med bildytan

Se Grafexempel


Utan ett grafiskt analysverktyg, kommer man inte långt om det gäller att förstå en matematisk funktions grundläggande uppförande i variationer.


Exempel i Grafexempel — typexempel (GRAFLÄRA) på olika funktionsformer med inmatningsexempel.

   Här börjar man:


1. Tangent 0 öppnar EkvationsPanelen.


— Skriv in grafens matematiska funktion, x är variabel — exemplet nedan inmatning x’2 = x^2 med Unit200 och Interval0,4.

Funktionstekniken för grafritning bygger på plangeometrins xy-yta:

— metoden att tilldela bestämda numeriska värden till variabeln x:

x skrivs tillsammans med exponentiella funktionsuttryck (2^x), logaritmiska funktionsuttryck (ln[x]), och trigonometriska (PREFIXxSIN: sin[x], sec[x]=1/sin[x], asin[x]) funktionsuttryck [‡1].


2. Tangent F11 ritar Grafen.

3. Ekvationspanelen göms/avslutas med ESCapeTangenten.


Tangentkommandon och inställningar visas i Funktionskommandon.

Ekvationspanelen, Grafritning

EscSluta  0Öppna F11Rita

UppHöjtTill tecken valfritt som ^ eller Primtecknet ’ (tangenten till höger om Ä)

Bokstaven x anger variabel i samtliga fall — x-axelns enhet i rektangulära och vinkeltalet x radianer i polära koordinater:

— Testa själv valfria x-mixer: det är i princip omöjligt att göra fel: alltid visas något resultat.



UnitBoxen till vänster, pixelvärden: IntervallBoxen i mitten — p står för pi-enheter, t för Turns i Polära koordinater, decimala värden är tillåtna;

Ekvationsboxen till höger — MAX 200 tecken

TABB-tangenten kan användas för att hoppa/ändra fokus mellan imatningsboxarna.


— NOTERA ATT: En del av UtförandeKommandona MED TANGENTER fungerar INTE så länge någon av UnitInterval-boxarna är markerade för inmatning. TABba till Ekvationsboxen.

— Vilka tangentkommandom som är undantagna redovisas i tabellen nedan med FUNKTIONSKOMMANDON, de är markerade [Undantag] och länkar hit.





Se även komplementär beskrivning i Test2011, GRAFRITNINGENS FUNKTIONSDETALJER.

— Den delen [från2011] är delvis mera detaljerad än beskrivningen här, men innehåller å andra sidan ingen direkt reguljär utskrift på samtliga funktionskommandon.

— Dessa ges här nedan i FUNKTIONSKOMMANDON Grafritningen.

Pie, Allmänt

MAX 200 tecken tillåts (f.n.) i inmatningsboxen.

UpphöjtTill skrivs med ’(prim)tangenten (till höger om Ä) eller ^-tangenten (till höger om Å).

Pi (3,14 ...) skrivs med Ctrl+P.

Naturliga e-logaritmen (2,718 ...) skrivs med Ctrl+e.

Bokstäver (utom ovan) skrivs ut kursiverade och behandlas som konstanter = 1.

— Vanliga rundparenteser ( ) och rakparenteser [ ] är tillåtna — inmatningen kollar automatiskt att korrekt matchning och antal gäller typ ([([...])]...) — vid fel typ (x)] avbryts riten med felmeddelande typ:





Ctrl | Shift | Alt







visar ekvationspanelen




ritar grafen




Ritar grafen med 0;0 vid Markören, vidare F11 bibehåller




Återställer grafritningen med 0;0 centrerat i programfönstret




Rensar bildytan




gömmer|avslutar grafritningsverktyget




skriver ut ekvationen [x^2] i matematisk form [Flytbild]

, kan kopieras direkt till Urklipp via Ctrl+C

[Utförs normalt automatiskt med F11].




utför|skriver ut numeriska beräkningar [ex: 2*pi]:





[Undantag]. Växlar mellan indikering för

Singel               graf , varje ny Rit raderar föregående,

Multipla            grafer, bevarar föregående rit- och bildyta.

Växling sker även med VäMusKlick på området.

I läge                visas grafen varannan F11 utan xy-axlar.





växlar   Rektangulära koordinater (y=...)

och       Polära koordinater (r=...):

Växling sker även med VäMusKlick på området.

Markeringarna i formindikatorerna   kopplar till aktuell ritfärg:

Färgval sker via palett med tangent F4 [Flytbild] — en enklare palett kommer fram som flytbild — därifrån gäller Tangenterna A S C som ovan: Sätt Peken över önskad färg och välj A|S|C. Åter till ekvationsboxen med F11.

— Standart ShiftF11 ger KurvfärgSvart,KryssfärgMellanGrå,RutnätsfärgLjusGrå.

Polära steglängden i gradenheter kan ändras med VäMusklick


Ange önskat intervall och återgå med Enter. Standardvärdet är 360.




flyttar ekvationsboxen | Steglängden väljs Ctrl+ |NP| 1 2 3  ¦ 1 5 20p




[Undantag]. Visar|gömmer rutnätet med UnitBoxens kvadratenhet i pixels.




visar|gömmer EkvationsProgrammet (användes mest för programmerarens körkontroller vid programmets utveckling)




[Undantag]. Växlar indikering mellan

 grafen ritas med pixelpunkter ··· Point


 grafen ritas sammanhängande — LineTo

Växling sker även med VäMusKlick på området.




[Undantag]. Kopierar Ekvationspanelen till Urklipp.




Kontrolläge, Även MusKlickVänster i Ekvationsboxen.










Grafexempel — samlade exempel till Ekvationsboxen

— Graferna kan kopieras till Urklipp med följande enkla tangentkommandon:

ESC (tar bort Ekvationspanelen), pila Markören till insättningspunkten, tryck INSERT, en Insättningsflagga visas överstHöger, tryck ner och håll MusVä nedtryck och pila till avslutande insättningspunkt, Tryck INSERT igen; en uttagsrektangel är nu markerad (den försvinner automatiskt med nedanstående efterföljande eller Klick);

— Tryck Ctrl+C för kopiering till Urklipp, Ctrl+X för uttag (radering) till Urklipp, [eller Ctrl+D för duplicering direkt: Ctrl+Pilar flyttar sedan kopian över bilden — eller andra alternativa BildHanteringsFunktioner (Rotera, Vänd, Invertera. m.fl.)].

  Snygga till Grafer:

— Ytterligare snabba effektiva verktyg finns (ZoomaUT, Z; Ctrl+ |NP| – + ... Ctrl+Z kopierar till Urklipp, ta in med Ctrl+V ...) för att »snygga till» grafer generellt och få dem att se jämna och fina ut.

— Särskilda exempel i ZoomGrafer.

— Aktuella funktioner och uttryck redovisas separat i MATEMATISK KONVENTION, om ej redan bekant.


RektanguläraKoordinater, Exempelsamling för övning



1/(1+x) = (1+x)'–1



1/(x'2) = 1/x'2 = x'–2



1/(1+x'2) = (1+x'2)'–1



























2+sin2x'–1 = 2+sin2(x'–1) = 2+sin2/x = 2+sin(2/x) ...

— samma som ovan men i Polära koordinater: frekvensen börjar ∞:





PoläraKoordinater, Exempelsamling för övning och orientering

Grafen nedan ritad (förstorad, sedan infärgad och utzoomad) successivt med växande radievärde (4):



Varierande sinuskoefficient (2) ökar/minskar amplituden. Exemplet nedan visar två överlagarade polärkurvor som ovan med olika värden:

inre:   (4x)+(cosx)+(2sin5x)'2

yttre:  (4x)+(cosx)+(3sin5x)'2













Se även mera utförligt i - PREFIXxSIN



Konventionellt inom trigonometrin gäller PREFIXxCOS: x-axeln = cosinus axel:


cos = x/r | sin = y/r | cosec = 1/sin | sec = 1/cos


För PREFIXxSIN gäller (det mycket enklare att hålla reda på): x-axeln = sinus axel:


sin = x/r | cos = y/r | sec = 1/sin | cosec = 1/cos


— Enda skillnaden är att beteckningarna (koordinataxlarna xy) sin|cos har ombytta platser.


— Vitsen med det rebelliska PREFIXxSIN är att det blir MYCKET ENKLARE (för en nybörjare) att fatta och hålla reda på trigonometrins allmänna systemordning jämfört med det krångliga etablerade systemets PREFIXxCOS.

— Då man sedan väl fattat (den enkla) ordningen, har det i princip ingen betydelse vilket SÄTT man väljer.

— För den rent teoretiskt beskrivande ordningens skull används här genomgående PREFIXxSIN.

— Byt endast ut beteckningarna sin|cos mot varandra i de olika sätten. Inget annat.





Ännu olösta programdetaljer

Restlinje i LineTo

LineTo-ritningen inte alltid logisk (på minussidan)

Se även i MATEMATISK KONVENTION — representationen  av negativa rötter.


Exempel Point-rit — sanna grafen:


(–1)–1 = –(1/1) = –1;

(–2)–2 = 1/(–2)2 = 1/4;

(–3/2)–3/2 = (–1,5)–1,5 = (–2/3)1,5 = (–2)1,5(1/3)1,5 = (–2)1+0,5(1/3)1,5 = (–2)1(2)0,5(1/3)1,5 = –0,544331; ...

Exempel LineTo-rit — utjämnad graf:




LineTo-funktionen medför ibland icke önskade förbindelser:

— Speciellt funktioner som går mot positivt|negativt oändligt invid ena sidan av y-axeln [ | ] och sedan antar ändliga värden på andra sidan, får i de fallen en icke funktionstillhörande LineTo-linje i det mellanliggande orepresenterade funktionsintervallet. Se även typexemplet ovan med x^x.

— En viss parering har här gjorts i grafprogrammet på positiva sidan (den bör nu [15Aug2014] var helt ren från oönskade extra linjer i Line-To-läget). Dock finns fortfarande en del problem på negativa sidan.

— Det är viktigt att känna till denna detalj för ev. undvikande av missgrepp.

— För exakt grafisk tolkning, använd endast Point-ritningen.







——— ‡1

Funktionsbegreppet generellt i matematiken; Om ej redan bekant:

— se utförligt relaterat i - Funktionsklasserna_beskr





AppendagePantB:    Nov2022-Jan2023+  FullDynamicsExplanation ¦ ContentPantB


CosmicIntro ¦ CosmoA ¦ CaseHistory ¦ REPCONCONE ¦ Remarks ¦ TauKelvinSources

ThePerihelionPrecessions ¦ ExplainingCoriolisPrecession ¦ ThePoint ¦ CausalNewton ¦ IncreasingTemperaturePressure ¦ SaturatedLightField ¦ TheExplanation ¦ rPdMATH ¦

TwienAffection ¦ CoriolisResolution ¦ AgainInConclusion ¦ ConcludingAllKeplerMath ¦ PrecessionEnergy ¦ ArguePoints ¦ POINT ¦ THEvDcRelation ¦ Newtons3inShort ¦

PotentialBarrier ¦ ExplainingTheDynamics ¦ FirstLIGHT ¦ UnderstadingActionReaction ¦ KeplerMomentumBasics ¦ GeDith ¦ APPLICATIONS 1-4¦ ThePrecessiveSTATEargument ¦

PerihelionPrecessionRotationalCenter ¦ CENTbyLightTime ¦

Appendix ¦ TheNeutronSquareBreakThrough ¦ TheStarAnvil ¦ TheIAUtest ¦ ConstantPRECISION ¦ SpaceElectricalResistance ¦ HowIsTemperatureGENERATED ¦ Rex ¦

CentralEnergyMachine ¦ HowTEMP ¦ ComptonEffect ¦ ModernDegenerationPressure ¦ PULSARS ¦

SunAge ¦ CRITERIArZ ¦ MilkyWayHistory ¦ PresentMilkyAndro ¦ PossibleAndromedaBirth ¦ ApossibleRotation ¦

CosmoBasics ¦ LimitESCAPEVELOCITY ¦ TEMORESOM ¦ CMBdetails ¦ RelatedCMB ¦ RelatedPlanckCMB ¦ CosmoB




The whole cosmic appearance did show — as compressed 

in one single celestial phenomena: all the foremost details in physics and mathematics:

the planetary perihelion precession phenomena

The4P: AppendagePantB





Earlier related physics and mathematics


The Galaxy Formations — 2009¦ Solar Systems In Milky Way — 2018 ¦ DmaxTNED from 1993



   THE PERIHELION PRECESSION QUEST »opened up everything»

— the entire realm of cosmology: all details, every single aspect:

All Kepler/Planck Mathematics

   Through the successful IAU-test (Oct2018) with further:



G          = 6.67010000933003 T11 JM//[KG]2an impossible exercise to measure practically, what we know; comparing tests exposes the bottlenecks

mSUN = 1.98963199771721 T30 KG: these resulting figures emanate from a further use of the earlier 2018 IAU-test on our Sun.

rSSUN  = 6.957 T8 M present established Solar Radius value [Wikipedia, Solar radius] — consequence from mS.

rGSUN = 6.9657583598 T8 M SolenT2022.ods T1 A24 ;  — consequence from mS.



   Precision determination of present Sun mass (mS) —

verified by comparing observations in the end results on the perihelion precessions with

   Precision determination of G universal gravitational constant

verified by a further enhanced IAU-test on the Electric Constant


WHAT is so special about the perihelion precession phenomena? Even so heavy, that it CAN AT ALL collect all the cosmological issues under One single explaining Idea? Even, too, explaining WHY present and earlier modern (1800+) academic ideas could not reach the RELATED RATIONAL LOGICAL explaining details? What? THE ENERGY SOURCE — Sun’s FIRST build up (thermo nuclear, related physics) Temperature pressure. The Precessional Rotation Agency:

   The preservation of the planetary Kepler area momentum parameters — with zero impacting interference: light physics does not connect kinetics (TheSolarEclipses ¦ TwoArguments ¦ GripDEEP ¦ ExperimentalConfirmations). There is only one such possible physical source: THE STARTING POWER UP of the present corresponding THERMODYNAMICAL EQUILIBRIUM — first light — inside the present Sun’s gravitationally dependent planetary Light Field, no doubt.

   Modern academy had only part of the mathematical solution — as blocked due to the Dmax issue: the atomic nucleus: gravitation’s fundamental form.


FirstLightTable: THEcrFactors ¦ The4P ¦ FirstLIGHT ¦ PrecessionEnergy ¦ ConcludingAllKeplerMath



FirstLight — all planets already On:



SolenT2022.ods  compiled columns from different cell blocks  T2 A17+ ¦ Precession arcSec/100y — AllKeplerMath ¦ Electric Constant ¦


The end result. Jan2022. See TheRESULT.

   Without precise — IAU-tested on Sun’s photometric effect — G and mS values, the quantities as above become impossible. There can be only one appropriate precise fit.



G and present mS determined


G          = 6.67010000933003 T11 JM//[KG]2an impossible exercise to measure practically, what we know; comparing tests exposes the bottlenecks

mSUN = 1.98963199771721 T30 KG: these resulting figures emanate from a further use of the earlier 2018 IAU-test on our Sun.

rSSUN  = 6.957 T8 M present established Solar Radius value [Wikipedia, Solar radius] — consequence from mS.

rGSUN = 6.9657583598 T8 M SolenT2022.ods T1 A24 ;  — consequence from mS.



These two — G and mS — provided ideal classical physics — makes it (now) possible to

   calculate true Kepler Anomalistic Orbital Planetary Periods (at present only known for Earth’s orbit), and (hence — AllKeplerMath)

   perihelion precession values for all planets — for comparing on observed values.

— Does it fit?

— It better. Otherwise we’re smoked.



But an already established Kepler Area Momentum physics BEFORE a first light apparently shreds the present planetesimal idea of HOW our Solar system did come about. IT — a FirstLight SIST — apparently demands that the Kepler Area Momentum — apparently still today unaffected — was at work BEFORE any first light — so THAT first light COULD introduce its extra perihelion precessional realizing Energy Input on already rotating planets. First mass. THEN light.



The Dmax property in physics — the atomic nucleus, the Planck constant h = mcr, The Neutron, is already standing on a zero: the atomic nucleus cannot be compressed, Energy law: energy cannot be created, nor destroyed, only converted; there is no origin of mass = energy. The idea of any existential — cosmic — limited mass, has no rational, related logics to rely on. And consensus is still not a subject in science: never was, never will be. The deduced General State Equation explains the balance in terms of related mathematics.



It seems that modern corridors never did care about that type of reasoning. At least not on the visible plane of the most prominent texts:

   With a given Dmax (Neutron block masses: 1.82 T17 KG/M²) the cosmological (Hubble 1929) expanding universe is resembled through (simple, documented) water drop experiments:






   A (neutrons in negative divergence: zero viscosity: no friction, no macroscopic active electromagnetism due to the strong Dmax gravitational tug) homogenous mass divides according to linear recoil momentum mathematics (as water does it, in a near resembling way) along with (conserved) a transverse angular (spin) momentum mathematics. And there is little to add to that basic mathematics except (LGD) light’s gravitational dependency (not observed in modern quarters, see the Einstein and Schwarzchild solutions).





The entire cosmological realm — on Dmax

   Through Dmax — it shreds (explains as primitive) modern (1800+) present cosmology ideas completely

— except as preserved: the basic Hubble 1929 observations of the expanding universe, and all the following and former instrumental and astronomical observations without which this quantified comparing presentation definitely would not have seen the light of any day at all.


How the K-cell develops



What modern academic students never were promoted to study: the cosmologically RELATED nature of physics. — and mathematics. All based ob the deduced Planck Ring h= mcr: The Neutron.



All Kepler/Planck Mathematics

all details explained, zero question marks — especially those on modern academy desks

   Angular (Kepler Area) momentum preserved and conserved explains the entire concept.




In modern quarters it is held »the other way around» [ ”water came from the outer” — conclusive academic intelligence ]:

— A central (previously, later exploded: the debris material) STAR is surrounded by debris — minor masses type Saturn Rings stuff. By chance and random in time, it is held says modern academy, that larger mass bodies are formed — bumping, glancing, colliding .. That would be the modern version of the fantastic meaning and origin of life that build the brain and its nervous system during some 3Gy on Green Earth — no bald cuts — so that all the family members could exclaim with deep admiration Oh Martha what a good tasting dinner. So: why not the rest too? Is there a Troubling Nerve in there? Modern Academy 1800+ it was.





Suns4  ¦  DynamicsExplanation


All Kepler Math — it expalins the phenomena in full detail — the final real steel end proof — or not a tall






When light first builds up from a star in birth in its already established mass determined gravitational field, the thermodynamical changes (LIGHT as INDUCTIVE ENERGY [COEI] wave frequency Planck energy E =hf QUANTA affects all ±e charged atomic matter, no exceptions) accomplishes a push — Potential Barrier, Compton effect (also Photoelectric effect, see TwienAffection) — on all mass matter’s (foremost exposed) atomic components. This — Perihelion Precession — energy input on those masses however— related physics explains — does not connect to the masses kinetic (Kepler momentum — gravitationally provided central force action) properties. That so because light physics and kinetics do not connect. See in explicit The Solar Eclipses (TwoArguments) provisions:

   light does not develop centrifugation properties:

   light is massless.

   gravitation is equal to all matter, cannot be shielded from: time independent — while on the other hand

   light physics is unequal to all matter, can be shielded from: time dependent.

— In modern academy (1900+) a CONSENSUS idea blocked further studies on these properties — in order to preserve already established academic cosmological ideas (The v+ic error).


The perihelion precession dynamics:

p = pG               = (G/π)(m2/2r2)2                        ; m2 = mS = Sun mass

TNED related thermo nuclear radiation pressure's gravitational component


p = pSB             = (1/3) ·a’·T4                             ;

General Stefan-Boltzmann's temperature pressure expression


TGAMMA           = r–1([G(m2)2/4π]/akP)1/4          ;

Tgamma — one of Sun's 4 deduced heat degrees in related physics

UNKNOWN IN MODERN ACADEMY. Modern academy only knows the T Planck heat degree,

none of the other three, what is known here.

p = pG               = pSB · TGAMMA                      ;


because of an unknown TGAMMA (and hence unknown pG) in modern quarters. See further WHY below.




Planetary perihelion precessional energy is stored during the light field’s first start up as IT brings with it the ordinary planetary Kepler area momentum — without disturbing or interfering with its properties. We can know that it is so by applying the classic Kepler area momentum mathematics on the calculations (AllKeplerMath). And then compare the results with present instrumental observations. These should be accurate — if applicable.

   After the light start up period has saturated the light field and a general thermodynamic equilibrium has established, no further perihelion precessional energy input is possible — except give or take on the small possible fluctuations around the average stable star’s photometric effect (P = 3.8275 T26 W for our Sun).



Once given a velocity in mass free space, it counts eternally

Ordinary Kepler Area momentum — planetary ANOMALISTIC orbital period: twice over same elliptic point — conserves the individual planet’s gravitational relation with its star (our Sun) — independent of influences from other masses.

Compare also the ArizonaWikipedia Quote on the subject.

   Adding significant gravitational influences from other masses — and too the perihelion precession additions — brings with them the ordinary Kepler orbit without destroying its original (»mother-child») properties (super position principle).


F           = Gm2m/r²; a = F/m = Gm2/r² = å(centrifugation) = w²/r ;  G = 6.67 t11 JM/(KG)² ;

        = Gm2/r            = constant in mass free space — provided no impact changing interference and constant m2

r            = Gm2/w²         ; with an original constant w, r can always be calculated IF also the present m2 is known:

 :  Kepler area momentum K = vr is always conserved — with respect to solar mass losses


   As the Sun loses mass during its burning period, also the Kepler momentum average Sun distance is affected. However: Provided those losses are known. the corresponding r can always be calculated.


Why the unknown in modern corridors?

   Dmax: the atomic nucleus cannot be compressed — gravitation’s fundamental form — it is already standing on a zero :

The Planck Ring  h = mcr: The Neutron [ the TNED deduced N3m20 aggregate ]



With Dmax as the base of cosmology, apparently the entire modern cosmological academic idea is shreded.

— There is not even a singla atom left of it.

   There is no comparing provisions.





ThePerihelionPrecessions: — AppendageContent ¦ ExplainingCoriolisPrecession: — ThePoint: Light And Gravitation ¦ Suns4  —— MECHANICS in The Experiment



Ljusfysiken växelverkar inte med g-massor (Ljusfrihetssatsen ¦ Atomkärnans härledning: h=mcr).

Ljusfysiken växelverkar enbart med den lokalt kraftgravitella masskroppens medbärande ljusfält.

Light physics does not interact with kinetics [Solar Eclipses 1919+ ¦ Two Arguments].

Light physics interacts only with a body’s local gravitationally dominant light field (Local Gdominance).

In atomic physics: the place where a charge (Q) is taken on: The Potential Barrier ¦ PotentialBarrier

— unknown in MAC so formulated, or maybe totally unknown .. as such ..


The ultimate PROOF WOULD BE:

   Kepler area momentum mechanics (All Kepler Math) prevails unaffected from that anomalistic orbit’s separately added perihelion precession.

   As it is here concluded: precession builds up from light field accelerating temperature pressure physics, while the Kepler part prevails unaffected. These two picture two different physical phenomena, confirming the already observed principle (Solar Eclipses, Two Arguments ¦ Light’s gravitational dependency) that: physics of light does not connect kinetics (related physics light’s liberty clause).







Coriolis effect 1882 on Light’s gravitational dependency LGD ¦ Suns4 and Bradley’s Aberration 1725 from basic Kepler 1600 mathematics


the radial — centrifugal push [RegularCoriolis] — transfer




GENERATRIX and DIRECTRIX nomenclature ¦ Thermal-LIGHT PRESSURE DETAILS ¦ PerihelionPrecessionRotationalCenter




THE PERIHELION PRECESSION PHENOMENA turned out to »demand an explanation to everything»

— in the cosmological complex as a whole. The birth of LIGHT in our Solar system: a precise, no speculative, precessional energy source resolving answer. The Impossible Kinetic-Mechanic Interaction demanding a fully resolved logical explanation between an apparently PRESERVED ordinary Kepler Area Momentum planetary motion, and the associated Orbital Perihelion precession. A more detailed and exact — quantitative, really — solution to G and the present mS Sun’s mass (The Electric Constant) for proving a The RESULT worthy to stand upright in line with instrumentally observed and established values. All Kepler Math. Really. Say again.

THEcr: ThePrecessions

All Kepler Math:

The cr-factors (1—[e=0¦CirculartOrbit]²)=1 incorporated (Two Arguments ¦ The Circle Argument)

6πRGm2/(cr)2                = 24π3R4/(Tcr)2            ;  substitutions on cr  — incorporating a LIGHT factor c — along with 1–e² : celestial orbital equalities [CEPH]: ¦ vr cr : Kepler/Planck

                                      = 24π3R2/(Tc)2(1–e2)    ; The Wikipedia/Einstein RADIAN expression — STILL no sign of relativity theory here. Just plain [substitutional] Kepler math:

(5.2).1  (aC)u/v0(1–e2)              = 3[Gm2/c0]/[ γ ( r–1([G(m2)2/4π]/akP)1/4 )–1](1–e2) × (360°·3600’’·100y/[Tanom/y]) ; compare in The RESULT

prove the Kepler Math relevance on the TNED deduced Suns4:

unknown territory in modern corridors — MAC, short for modern academy in UH (universehistory);


Perihelion precession phenomena — its related origin, explanation and mathematics


pMAX — with precise    gravitational radial balance — at r from Sun’s ideal g-center is determined from


For Earth at 1AU from Sun, p is 41 953.32196855 Pascal (=N/M²). It is theoretically touched by the Earth’s local dominant 40 Earth radii g-sphere when v=c around the Sun. As the left side of the illustration suggests, this thermal light pressure p-physics is »Dynamic»:

m meets no mass objects on its path through empty space: m:s v continues to be m:s v unhindered by the thermal pressure p; Once a certain p-synchronization front-back due to v>0 has established, the pressure components are stable — as they are as well when v=0.

   The only difference between the situation v=0 and v>0 is that the line m-Sun with v>c no longer is the same as the straight time independent gravitational m-Sun connection (Grip Deep ¦Solar eclipses — light does not connect kinetics, does not develop kinetics: gravitation does not propagate bound by time, as however light does, but modern academy does not understand, or does not want to understand the concept). It is the same curve seen from m (Earth) as the James Bradly 1725 discovered Aberration phenomena. On right angles to the v-direction its directrix — the curve tangent grasping on m — follows the simple relation v/c — as also the perihelion precession phenomena does (The simple Eddington form). This v/c directrix does connect a corresponding (time delayed) connection to the Sun, along the curved (generatrix) Bradley light path.

   The inertial change from 0 to v, or any change within a given v to another v — a = dv/dt — »immediately» reflects on a new pressure p front-back situation — in time propagating with c along the Bradley path. In Earth’s case, it reaches the Sun and its g-center after some 8 minutes (Light Time). This type of reasoning has no here known corresponding representation in modern quarters.



Thermal pressure equivalents explain the basic vector action-reaction dynamics:

light’s gravitational dependency interactions (LGD). The only last missing puzzle peace then, as it seems, was the answer to the question: how. From where (POINT). Answer:

   First solar system established sunlight energy accelerates a first build-up thermal pressure preference

on exact related included Coriolis action-reaction mathematics and physics. It leads to the present instrumental observations — on exact available mathematics and explaining physics.

   But that type of reasoning — no »random by chance», no »planetesimal impacting» (Two Arguments): definitely no relativity — directly excludes — kills — modern cosmologic cosmological corridors. Say again.



In modern corridors the Solar system history (Kant nebular hypothesis) begins with a central already shining star or sun for a planetary system.


In related physics — as illustrated by water physics — the K-cell expansion (Edwin Hubble 1929) throws out Dmax masses on angular momentum physics mathematics — centrifugation: rotations — before any star begins to produce light by its (soon coming) inner thermonuclear reactions.


The primary solar system bodies on equal max density Dmax.



In TNED related physics the Sun needs (at least) a first 5 year window before it reaches a full photometric effect. By that time, the planets have already settled in their Kepler orbitals. Then light’s gravitational dependency (LGD) begins to play.

CausalNewton: PerihelionPrecessions

Causal Relational Newton’s THIRD Matrix Morphology REASONING — all physics explanation : no exception:

Upper. The onset 1 of any v Blocking a front rotational velocity w 2 will inevitably result in an equal onset of a reduced centrifugation 3 — on an equally tendency to preserve the state through a balancing centripetation 4. The net ACTION would be a tendency to reduce centrifugation on a slightly inwardly veered end vector direction — hence creating the onset for a new, different and displaced, centrifugation point [The C0 deflected Coriolis point ¦ CoriolisResolution ¦ PerihelionPrecessionRotationCenter].



Local Gdominance. Lower. Accelerating temperature pressure from a light build up pushes radially on the planet’s local gravitationally dominant light-sphere [Michelson and Morley experiments from 1881, Bradley’s discovery of Aberration 1725]. Also the planet’s rotational velocity [w] meets this accelerating thermal light pressure. Possibly on an even larger magnitude, as suggested by the two figures vector morphology. The numbers 1 2 3 4 relate to the same order of discussion TheMAL as on the causal details in the basic deduction of centrifugation [ Physics First ¦ KeplerMomentumBASICS ¦ Application 1] and its connection to Coriolis’ first theorem. All with credit on Newton’s three basic laws.

   A Centrifugal push 1 results in an opposed Newton’s Third preserving centripetal contraction 2 which inevitably corresponds to a higher degree of rotational velocity 3, sensed instrumentally [ the ball in the thread hanging from the roof: Understanding Action Reaction ] as the end reactive [instrumental measuring] force 4.









Following the Newton’s Three laws by their causal action-reaction consequences (Newton’s Third in explicit) leads to the same end station picture (TheMAL) as that related by and from Coriolis first theorem.

   BOTH onsets along the central vector line Sun-Planet — a linear translational centrifugal push or tug — and the rotational planetary move, CAN SO BE RELATED AS TO fetch the same vector end resulting directions, however on different magnitudes.


As there is no KINETIC interaction between light and mass (SolarEclipses ¦ Multiple c ¦ Two Arguments) — only interactions between their light’s gravitational dependency regions and domains — which are carried along with their host masses’ local gravitational dominance — these light accelerations build-ups DO NOT AFFECT THE ORDINARY KEPLER area momentum mechanics BECAUSE THERE ARE NO OBSCURING MOTIONAL BLOCKING MASSES IN AN EMPTY LIGHT FIELD SPACE.

(We must differentiate between the actual mass, kinetics, the planet, and its (rPdMATH) local g-dominant light carrying gravitational dominance: light physics. These were definitely never related [so] in modern corridors — do correct if faulty).




The net end effect apparently creates (All Kepler Math) a new rotational reference center PerihelionPrecessionRotationCenter, bringing the actual preserved Kepler momentum (Anomalistic) orbit with it — still undisturbed.


In a perfect thermodynamic equilibrium light field, there is no longer a CHANGE to relate any affection on the masses’ local gravitationally dominant light spheres (Local Gdominance).



So: With the present academic idea of physics (and mathematics):

   No way.

— No way the student would have even the slightest chance to deduce even the most elementary (the atomic nucleus: h = mcr) in the complex as such. But please: Do correct if that statement would be incorrect. That would be encouraging (Student’s 6 points of five possible).



SaturatedLightField: IncreasingTemperaturePressure

The kinetic energy E=mv2/2 associated with the extra perihelion rotation AS ADDED to the

ordinary Kepler Anomalistic planet’s (kinetic energy) orbit around the Sun, seems not directly negligible.



At least, that is what related physics seems to demand, if nothing else


KineticPrecession ¦ CoriolisResolution ¦ Formally Kepler Math 

E = (mPLANET/2)([u/v0]vPLANET




The orbital precession presents a small extra added [sidereal time] rotational energy. It must have had its own unique historical explanation — as it apparently didn’t destroy the Kepler anomalistic property [The RESULT]: no kinetic interaction or affection.



At least some 2-5 T18 Joule of energy input for Mercury, Venus, Earth and Jupiter is needed to realize the precessions. HOW DID THAT EXTRA ENERGY SURGE COME ABOUT

included apparently (Two Arguments) without disturbing the (modern academy »planetesimals» impacting »random by chance») ordinary Kepler orbit, not the slightest?


That apparently did advance to be A The 10 billion question issue.


MODERN ACADEMY deals with ”space-curve-time” concepts

in launching the explaining mathematics (All Kepler MATH).

The Celestial History Behind is apparently living in the dark

— blocking the student from understanding basic cosmology.


TheExplanation: SaturatedLightField




Super position principle:

Every material body has its own individual gravitational field.

   Between a Planet and the Sun there is a (local acceleration constant a=Gm2/d2) balancing point where a put mass will fall to neither party. A table in Local Gdominance shows how far that point is from each of the planet’s center on the Sun’s near side measured in planetary equatorial radii units (rPd/rP).


rPdMATH: TheExplanation ¦  rPd 



Related Physics Universe History ¦ Local G dominance — rPd-math ¦ Thermal-LIGHT PRESSURE DETAILS 


No initial light field from the Sun before the planetary revolutions (the conservation of angular momentum: mK = mvr as in Planck constant: h=mcr). Before any light comes about, related physics says, is established Kepler orbital periods — with zero perihelion precessional phenomena. See the perihelion precession explaining substitution of the cr-factors in All Kepler Math, and how these connect to light physics’ temperature pressure details. The precession part comes with the light, related physics All KeplerMath suggests. It apparently, in to the last atom, is All Kepler Math — connecting the Suns4 deduced heat degrees: thermal pressure explains the original dynamics. However and apparently never observed in modern corridors.



In TNED related physics and mathematics (The Solar Systems in Milky Way ¦ Earth’s Third Equation)


our (highly mathematically ordered by specified time windows) Solar system planetary order necessarily establishes the planetary orbits (some 5 years) before the Sun has begun its thermonuclear reaction history.

   No initial sunlight, given the planetary orbits. KEPLER BASICS preserved.


Angular momentum preservation basics (mK = mvr) connects the Kepler Area Momentum mathematics (Kepler’s three laws). And these — apparently — work kinetically mechanically independent of the extra  (The RESULT) perihelion precessions phenomena: no kinetic-mechanic interference with perihelion precessions.


   A planet meets no motional resistance as it rotates around the Sun in a mass free empty space. No way.


As light physics propagation does not connect kinetics (Solar Eclipses ¦ Multiple c ¦ Two Arguments) neither LIGHT — THERMODYNAMIC EQUILIBRIUM — presents any mass velocity resistance factor:

   LIGHT AS SUCH — in a thermodynamic equilibrium — cannot push on matter. But as matter is temperature dependent, CHANGES IN LIGHT/temperature can — and do — affect moving masses (dynamic temperature pressure). One simple example is material length elongation phenomena: heat lengthens a metal stick (material atoms vibrate with greater average distances), and cooling shortens it (early school experiment around 10).


TwienAffection: rPdMATH


Thermal-LIGHT PRESSURE DETAILS ¦ Explaining CoriolisPrecession


THAT thermal — light — pressure or wave energy HAS effect on mass and matter (also the Photoelectric effect) is well known from the Earth’s upper atmosphere. Sunlight’s exciting electron push on the atoms maintains a HESC-process in Earth’s top atmosphere. That is: A hydrogen escape in Earth’s top atmosphere is maintained by Sun’s energy exciting electron push on 50-100 KM high atmospheric water molecules. The result is a cyclic maintained Ozone Shield production.   The Tg Tw and Tp values are calculated from Suns4 on 1AU = Earth’s mean distance from Sun. And, as we see, there are possible connections on the deduced heat degrees — however not mentioned in any most visual form in modern corridors (yet).

— The actually lower value (16 549.5 °K) at 50-100 KM altitude from the more free space’s (40 Earth radii far out) 21 657 °K can possibly be attributed to the successive damping effect as sunlight successively (Compton effect) enters into Earth’s locally gravitationally dominant atmosphere.



From the first historical universal moment our Sun ignites, it begins the build-up of its light field, related physics says. Its LIGHT DIVERGENCE (speed of light in free space: Divergence Convergence ¦ Grip Deep) also follows the deduced  Light’s Gravitational Dependency (LGD).


   The light field increases in intensity (temperature pressure acceleration build up) as the Sun starts up for the first time: energy input increases.



As in the already (temperature pressure) TNED related and deduced light physics basics,

   a perfect exact ideal mathematical physical explainable balance exists between g-pressure (convergence) and T-pressure (divergence)



— That is: where no change any longer exists. That is, to clarify beyond doubt:

   when a certain STATE already has been established:

   a saturated, no longer building up (or fading) light field in this case.

   In our case meaning, apparently — on the CHANGE issue: without a preponderant acceleration, no force, no energy can work:

   ONLY WHEN the Sun for the first time in the history of our universe is building up its light field

the T-pressure RADIATIVE TEMPERATURE INCREASE form exposes acceleration

— it inevitably will also PUSH on the planet’s local light’s gravitationally dependent acceleration force field balancing point (Local Gdominance):





NOT kinetically mechanically DIRECTLY ON THE PLANETARY mass as from a sudden mechanical impactbut rather on the (relatively vast) space between its coherently connected atoms THROUGH THE PLANET’S LOCALLY DOMINANT g-field.


The planet’s local gravitational connection to the local gravitationally dominant central mass feels a centrifugal attack. AND THAT BATTLE WILL NEVER HAPPEN — Kepler orbits preserved

(because light does not connect kinetics).


So, related physics continues:

   WHEN The Sun’s building up light field pushes on the already gravitational mechanical Keplerian established orbital physics — IT apparently PERSISTS IN still going strong these days too. And hence apparently persists in being equally preserved: (SIDEREALLY VIEWED — time with respect to the distant stars: Kepler revolution plus a small extra perihelion precession addition — it means that the precessive WORK (The Sun) brings the Kepler status with it — without interfering with the Kepler anomalistic status).


   No change. Not the slightest itty bitty tiny. No way.



Mechanics — gravitation — works AS IF masses are connected through mass POINTS acting INDEPENDENT OF TIME (Grip DEEP) — TIMELESS STATE — which basic natural principle modern academy refuses to accept (”nothing travels faster then c”).


Gravitation is equal to all matter, cannot be shielded from: hence independent of time

LIGHT is different to all matter, CAN be shielded from, and hence: time dependent

   Related physics (The Atomic Nucleus h=mcr: conservation of c0 independent of gravitation).


LIGHT PHYSICS on the other hand NEEDS TIME to connect a contact.

— a property which mechanics, gravitation, TIMELESS STATE, has NOT.

— These cannot in no mother god loving way ever interfere on their basic nature, mingle, mix or engage. But (Basic Math Ranks) modern academy 1800+ gave strong effort in meriting inventions for »a unitive theory» (and still is) in which these both (now) show: »slave properties» to the modern academic way. Say: it does not get through.




Action and Reaction

AS the g-field light heat temperature increasing propagating accelerated attack on the planet’s individual gravitational property local dominant sphere transfers to the planet’s g-center, it apparently experience a not kinetic mechanic caused CENTRIFUGAL push on the out — kinetics intact.


CoriolisResolution: TheExplanation

¦ rPdMATH ¦ The v/c Relation ¦ POINT



Coriolis’ First Theorem:


»elasticity between central solid state mass and surrounding local gravitational dominance»



But THAT the details here in arguments modern academy quarters have no reasonable WAY to interpret as valid. Because: Other established inducements have already prioritized a now well 100 year old academic history banning of these simple elementary elegant 1600 basic concepts; Action and reaction; Cause and effect, choices and their causal consequences — based on already given laws of nature: gravitation, electricity: LIFE. HumanRight.

   Presented news:

   DECISION OUTSIDE EXPLICIT HumanRight RECOGNITION  has only power to destroy. No exceptions. 24/7. Nature Law.

   But these governmental aces DO believe it is A HUMAN CREATION — a Charity Gesture to the Poor tagged cattle, from the Rich real A-humans: The Master Race — persistently denying any such claimed property — of Governing Inducements. Say agin.

   DRIFT. Not plan. There was never any such proclamation or intention.




Coriolis’ First Theorem ¦ TheMAL ¦ PerihelionPrecessionRotationalCenter ¦ Thermo ElGraDis



The accelerated °K T-push from Sun’s first build up light field on the local planetary g-dominant light sphere apparently ACTS as related forces WITH a Coriolis effect on a veering (vector resultant direction) maneuver — a little by little dv/dt  (CausalNewton) — AS the Sun’s light field builds up on the T-accelerating intensities. There is, apparently, the Kepler momentum preserved, NEVER a kinetic mechanic push. No way.


Then the deduced mathematics — all Kepler math — explains the rest of it — apparently including modern attempts.


A Coriolis (light field) effect — on a primary planetary solar system start up


Summing end — All Kepler Mathematics

Without an accelerating T-pressure agency — Sun’s first light —  the precessional DYNAMICAL explanation apparently has no physical RATIONAL LOGIC reference at all to rely on. It IS a Coriolis (light field) effect — on a primary planetary solar system start up. That is also exactly the TNED principal principle deductions (LGD), fitting the hand as the glove. Perfect Assembly.


WHEN this light field build up is saturated, no more accelerative pushing physical phenomena exists to relate a change of state: full precessional pace reached.

   During the rest of the history, changes in the light field has the described capacity of making adjustments, give or take. The fact that the Kepler Math holds, still, is just only another confirmation of TNED basic star physics deductions unless there is some hidden strong argumentation we have missed, please share: Sun’s constant photometric effect (IAU testing DETAILS) guaranteeing a stable planetary, precessive, consolidation.



AgainInConclusion: 20Dec2022 — CoriolisResolution


The First Sun Light Energy Build Up Argument explaining how planetary perihelion precessions came about at all



   1.   Planets meet no Kepler momentum motional (Kepler Anomalistic Period) resistance

because in a

mass free

thermodynamical equilibrium saturated empty space

nothing is there to stop a free mass motion once it has started


The RESULT ¦ Two Arguments


   2.   The perihelion precession phenomena apparently explains a separately small added rotation with zero — none — interacting interference or affecting impact upon the ordinary Kepler momentum revolution.




   3.   As this remarkably celestial no mutual interacting interference history apparently has no present dynamical sustaining energy source, it apparently is explained as a no space obscuring remnant from a pimary ENERGY FEED — which apparently DID do the perihelion precession set up dynamics. Basic Solar system Birth. See PrecessionEnergy.




   4.   The explaining mathematical physics in All Kepler Math

then, apparently, gives the full explaining picture in how to relate, explain and understand the celestial perihelion precession dynamically relatable details phenomena.



All Kepler Math ¦ KeplerMomentumBasics


Without acquaintance with the TNED/Planck constant and Stefan-Boltzmann based deduced pressure-gravitational-thermo-nuclear temperature details (Suns4) every single attempt to explain the planetary perihelion precession phenomena IN ITS FULL MECHANICS was certainly doomed to a successful fundamental failure. No matter the excellently explaining mathematics — guiding us through still unknown territories, connecting to us yet unknown physics — we stood there as more or less desert dry buckets — unable to get even one single drop of The Rain out.


All Kepler Math ¦ ThePerihelionPrecessions ¦ PrecessionEnergy ¦ Pressure Min Max ¦  The RESULT ¦  TheExplanation ¦ PerihelionPrecessionRotationalCenter  



   5.   The explanation apparently contains and entails perfectly unfamiliar details to modern academic thinking as it apparently

by DRIFT, not plan: the consequences of ignoring basic natural brain logics, and instead relying on Academic Consensus

has invented blocking concepts that prevents a natural associative recognition of A Path for deducing the nature of the phenomena, as related.

   Please do disclaim, anyone who can: search for. None yet found.

   Say again:

— There is nothing wrong with The intelligence. No way. Only Problem is: showing a minimum interest of Its innate NATURAL content. THAT modern academic teaching system 1800+ APPARENTLY (Nature) Did miss — completely, fundamentally, deeply, cosmically, truly. Say again.


See also further mathematical equivalents in

Formally Kepler MATH and Physics First.



Compare some HiTech Swedish KnowHow on The Highest Possible Cosmological Outlook — Swedish Radio, weekly program Knowledge’s World 25Mar1988:


(Fascistic Ideation — no HumanRight mentioning) — by DRIFT. Not plan:

”Människan har skapat matematiken, därom är alla lärde överens”,

Sveriges Radio Vetandets Värld 25 mars 1988:



Man has created mathematics, thereof are in agreement all the educated.


EDUCATION (Physics First) in humanity is apparently on the Up.

What a joy is it not in sharing such an excellent level of Creation:


   Consensus is not now, newer was, and never will be a scientific subject.

   SPECULATION has no scientific foundation.

   DECISION, education — outside HumanRight recognition — has only power to destroy.


That is the reason this author never was invited. Thank you very much.


Mathematics (Mathematics’ 5 fundamentals ¦ never seen in any Swedish or other educational literature) is apparently a lead. IT develops and educates humanity: we discover explaining connections. Not the other way around. But in modern corridors there appears to be a general difficulty in seeing the difference between what nature has served to us from birth, and the less smart inducements we might have on the origin of those properties. (You know .. percieving some difference between left and right .. ).





PrecessionEnergy: — FirstLightTable ¦ Local Gdominance ¦ CoriolisResolution



THE PRECESSION ENERGY — from what celestial history?

The Dynamic Point



As observed — see also The RESULT in comparing end calculated-measured precession values.


SolenT2022.ods T2 C22 ¦ T3 A4, H4  ¦ BA1978 — rAU mPlanet rPlanet ¦ t v See Kepler Anomalistic via determined G and mS.

See these [accurate] values in comparison with modern academic calculated in The RESULT.

Table values explaining the calculated actual kinetic precessional energy E = mv²/2 with m=mPlanet i mJ=Earth mass units 5.975 T24 KG and

vPrecession = vPlanet · (u/v0 = the actual precession per ordinary Kepler anomalistic planetary revolution period).




UH TABLE SOURCE: SolenT2022.ods  T3  Energy H4 —— GRAPHS:

Energy [Joule] : integral

Power [Effect, Watt] : derivative

The graphs and table values expose the necessary first build up light energy procedure in a related explanation to the planetary perihelion precession mathematical physics — see All Kepler Math.

— The illustrated graphs are of the Effect-Energy principle mathematical form, not (what we know) the precise actual.





   1.   The planet’s Kepler area momentum STILL COUNTS NOW (The RESULT):

   2.   Apparently proving: the extra precessional rotation does not interfere with (1).

   3.   Apparently proving: the continuing Kepler planetary revolutions around Sun as well as the very small but provable precessional added rotation meets not motional resistance. They hold NOW, too, as well as »earlier».

   4.   Apparently proving: the kinetic energy (PrecessionEnergy) behind the small extra precessional planetary revolutions around the Sun apparently WAS generated in some past history of our Solar system development, as the function continues to exist NOW without meeting any (significant) motional resistance.

   5.   Apparently proving: Only a primary (short) history of THERMAL HEAT PRESSURE ACCELERATION (Precession Energy) lies on our table for explaining the bare existence of a precession phenomena — on a still, before that, already established Kepler planetary rotation. So: (The Solar Systems in Milky Way)



— FIRST basic MASS ejections — on a given angular momentum, giving the ejected masses their Kepler properties:

   (That confirms the TNED deduced K-cell physics by principle — without any such mentioning).

— THEN Sunlight — after a first Sun mass preparation for building up its energy machine (5 years in TNED).

   (That certifies the energy aspect explanation).


Dodge that one, anyone who can.

(It apparently explains, and certifies, the whole cosmological picture — in to the last atom).

(— We dit Not foresee than one coming the perihelion precession phenomena collecting »everything». Thank you very much).


After Sun’s first build up process, a state of thermal equilibrium enters (present Sun’s photometric effect — as related and experimentally conformed in The IAU-test): no further additional precessive energy input.

   The end picture connects to the mathematical definitions (All Kepler Math) — and the corresponding instrumental measures for comparison (TheRESULT).


Further relating, comparing and explaining details, see APPLICATION4, The RESULT and Case Closed.





POINT: FirstLIGHTtable ¦ The Dynamic ¦ ThePerihelionPrecessions ¦ Case Closed









Successively increasing — accelerating — temperature pressure is apparently the only reasonable causing relational agent



THERMO-NUCLEAR RADIATION PRESSURE — Suns4Explaining CoriolisPrecession

The theory in this part has no (here) known representation in modern corridors — although elementary and simple

The Point — not included in modern academic physics, as above:


Convergence Divergence.


Up to Thermodynamic Equilibrium — TIME is apparently needed to reach this All Kepler Math condition from first SunLightONbegin:



   There is, what we know, no physical dynamical reasonable statistical PROBABILITY that IT is »pushed by bombarding planetesimals» (Two Arguments):


   The ordinary Kepler anomalistic  planetary orbit is — apparently — PRESERVED independent of the extra perihelion precession: the latter must apparently be established IN SEPARATE over time through Sun’s established thermal light field — with zero affection on the Kepler rotation (All Kepler Math).


That excludes directly the modern academic idea of HOW — »by chance and random» — the Solar system did come about, at all.


   APPARENTLY Only through a successive (pushing, expanding) a = dv/dt process in the Sun’s light field affection on a planet, its orbital perihelion precession quantity can arrive








THEvDcRelation: — detailing the function ¦ ThePerihelionPrecessions







Introducing the c factor in All Kepler Math (cr and v/c) — time dependence: the nature of light (Grip DEEP) — certifies a BREACH with any time independent central force action mK connection in the complex (KeplerMomentumBasics). To preserve mK, a cause-effect complex apparently must bring it with it.


   The Potential Barrier is the only here known explanining principle behind the answer to how the (cr and v/c) perihelion precession dynamics do affect the planetary mass atomic masses bringing them with the extra precessional addition — without affecting the planetary Kepler Sun-Planet relation gravitational property, as observed.



Kepler Momentum Basics



Kepler area momentum (K=vr)



THE ONLY WAY for a mass (m) to preserve the Kepler area momentum principle (K=vr=2A/t) is if — and only if, and nothing else but if — the m-trajectory path is governed by an impulse (impetus mv, linear momentum’s differential) exactly timeless-propagativeno curve elongating involved physics — directed along (d), between m and a corresponding central force action center (P, Sw., ortspunkt, »ActPoint» [sometimes English is just horrible .. the corresponding term has been searched for but not found .. »Homey» ..]) — with no force coupling time delay..

   That is:

   mK is preserved ONLY if changes to m in speed and direction is executed along the time-independent-continuous unbroken connection the force action vector (Sw., ortsvektorn [»ActVector»]) between m-P: Meaning:

   ANY no connecting TIME delay along (d) the force vector line P-m will spoil and destroy mK — angular momentum (J=mvr=Kvr) preservation.




Newtons3inShort: The v/c RelationNewton’s 3:

Newton’s 3 (Principia 1687)


   UNLESS CHANGED a STATE prevails indefinitely.

   IF changed, the change is proportional to the changing force [F=ma].

   A TENDENCY to change a given STATE always with zero exception corresponds to a TENDENCY to preserve the given STATE.

   That apparently is the general inertial law of physics: resistance against change: mass: Gravitation: induction — and magnetism — in explicit [TheCausalConnection].


These — hence — apply to any physics situation: any type of change in any type of state.






Modern academy cannot take a discussion on this level. Why? See LGD.

Because modern academy was apparently never interested to developed that side of

its natural brains: deducing The Neutron AS the Planck constant h = mcr.

— Nothing is wrong with the Intelligence. No way. Problem: using its innate nature.



DivisionDerivative ¦ CausalNewton ¦ THE POTENTIAL BARRIER ¦ Physics’ 7th principle ¦

Where Q is taken. The Energy Zone. Fundamental nuclear physics (LGD).

However not apparently present or even noticed in modern corridors, I’m afraid:

— A deduction of the electric charge — Q — never existed in modern academy:

   LGD. It is such a joy to share Earth with modern ideas — always fresh on oxygen.


»PA basics» not known in modern quarters: See Physics’ 7th Principle: mass has no smallest particle

m = (n→) · m/(n→∞) = m : principle principal endless division  on the gravitation principle: mathematics:

E = hf = mc²  demands a No Smallest Particle SO THAT mass CAN be destroyed — mass structure completely annihilated — INTO Light and Heat [COEI conservation of energy by induction]: LIFE.

The Sun. The Stars. Say again. Do disclaim that, the one who can. We will surrender immediately: A 100% perfect mathematical relatable explanation with zero question marks — or not at all.








Starlight build up brings Kepler properties with it — with intact Kepler properties preserved

IN THIS SPECIFIC CASE — compare the values on The Precessional Rotational Center as different from the ideal Sun g-center:

max 707 mM, min 0.3 mM for Mercury [ the CoriolisResolution ]: the light build up Precession energy pretty much adds »MotherSolarPlanetary rotation»:

Planetary Kepler Momentum ON STAR LIGHT BUILD UP adds »KeplerMomentumSpinn» to the Star:

— Light build up energy TAKES on the planet — which local gravitational dominance affects — brings it with it — the Sun’s ditto, thereby adding Solar-Planet Spin: perihelion precession.




Relating (CausalNewton ¦ Newtons3) an accelerating light field’s interaction with the local gravitational dominance

 from a local mass on its local light’s gravitational dependency — however not so concluded or apprehended or interpreted in modern corridors — see comparing results in LGD

is performed — related - as follows

ON THE PERIHELION PRECESSION PHENOMENA (related physics says: do disclaim if possible: save no energy on trying to do so, ever):



The TNED deduced Neutron h=mcr PlanckRing ¦ PlanckFractalStructure certifies that all fusions build heavier nuclei from the deepest lying n-p fractal ±e structures, exposing the highest possible hf-fractal frequencies — hf = (h/n)(nf ): the fractal level energy decreases with the h/n-fractal structure — thereby certifying that heavier nuclei will not be disintegrated on the higher fractal hf-energy credits. Because these fractal n-p structures consist of ±e (fractal) spinning rings (see Pair Annihilation) — as explained in the PlanckRing fractal mathematics — all nuclei and their electron mass constituents (The TAU Ring: see SPECTRUM AND QUANTUM NUMBERS ¦ THE ELECTRON ¦ THE ELECTRON’S BUBBLE CHAMBER TRACES, unless already familiar) are continuously exposed to correspondingly thermo nuclear energy outlets from any nearby fusion reactions (stars, our Sun).


The thermo nuclear radiation from star energy production so affects all matter — all atoms and their electron masses — thermo nuclear radiation pressure, T-gamma as deduced due to their shared principle ±e basic n-p surface (fractal) structure. That is: The General Planck Ring h=mcr with its fractal nature (Physics 7th).


The Potential Barrier defines WHERE the nuclear (inductive) radiation TAKES on a charged mass (PlanckRing ±e Fractal). That is, HOW (and where) an atomic nucleus and its electron mass constituents are affected by nuclear radiation or any general electric and magnetic feature (See also NEUTRINO SPECTRUM). Namely in the so (LGD) deduced Energy Zone (cz = c0/2). Meaning: just precisely outside THE NUCLEI SURFACE: — The Planck Ring's hard gravitational fractally (Physics 7th) spinning toroid hollow surface. See also The Atomic Nucleus Gravitational Deduction (The PlanckRing2).


Therefore, in any first building up of a (TNED deduced and related: STAR PHYSICS PART 1) star's light field from its inner thermo nuclear radiative activity, all surrounding matter will inevitably be affected by a corresponding nuclear radiation pressure (T-gamma ¦ T-wien ¦ TWienAffection) — until saturated. That is the end TNED explanation behind the extra perihelion precession energy, having certified that the mechanic, kinetic, Kepler momentum orbit property — Sun-Planet gravitational relation only — remains undisturbed and unaffected (see comparing end values in The RESULT): All Kepler Math.


With the established planet's local gravitational dominance, light passes between the different masses (stars, planets) according to the James Bradley 1725 discovered Aberration effect. Apparent star positions perpendicular to Earth's velocity direction around the Sun hides an elongated (c-delayed ¦ Light Generatrix) path to the actual star, depending on the relation v/c = TanA° where v is Earth's velocity (relative the star in sight).


CausalNewton ¦





FirstLIGHT: PotentialBarrier ¦ FirstLIGHTtable ¦ The4P


When Sunlight first appears, it necessarily follows — the illustrated energy-effect function below, leftan accelerating temperature and light intensity process up to a saturated maximum. A Sun orbiting mass — its own individual local gravitational dominance (Super Position Principle) — will inevitably meet this accelerating light energy push in two basic ways. The first (translation) is through the direct ideal spherical divergence, radially out from the Sun. The second (rotation) is through the motion of the mass in its radially transverse rotational direction.



CausalNewton ¦ PotentialBarrier

We can relate the physical action-interaction details in this complex situation as suggested in the illustration, using The Causal Newton method:  Newton’s three basic laws do explain any physical phenomena. IF that would be an erroneous statement, don’t forget to tell (it will never happen). The order is of the same magnitude as that already given in the CausalNewton illustration — the related order of action-reaction on the 1 2 3 4 detailed directional vector coordination points.

— The only difference to ordinary KINETIC direct impact physics to observe in this light field local dominant mass g-sphere interaction, is the already underlined: The planetary orbital Kepler anomalistic area momentum mathematical physics is never affected by the separate resulting precessive phenomena — BECAUSE APPARENTLY the present planetary order HAS a preserved — precise calculable with corresponding comparing measured perihelion precession values — Kepler area momentum preserved (Two Arguments): IT NEVER TOOK ANY CHANGE. Never affected.





In a normal (not light involved) mechanical kinetical situation — direct massive impact, changing the masses positions outside a regular (gravitational) central force action — a corresponding Kepler area destructive momentum effect in the orbit would be expected to appear (type direct contact pushes from other bodies). But as related: Light’s physics have not that property (as related — but apparently unknown i modern corridors). Only by the fact that STILL a Kepler area momentum (K=vr) is present in the planetary system — on which calculated base also, then, a correspondingly precise calculation of perihelion precessions is possible (All Kepler Math ¦ The RESULT) — the proof is confirmed.


See also on CoriolisRESOLUTION.



THEvDcRelation ¦ PotentialBarrier


UnderstadingActionReaction: Newtons3



— What we know: all living creatures (not only dead matter) has IT inside their individual MIND: sensing a CHANGE. If we remember the simple »hung ball from roof» principle, there is no, what we know, known problem in physics that cannot be solved by consulting a corresponding experiment in deciding what counts and what not.







A hung mass in a thread from a roof in whatever physical mass system. (There you go).

— With a detailed instrumental readout:

   Any corresponding external physical history can be written from within that mass room only by appropriate knowledge of the different thread positions during the different times — as The Bird determines its action & reaction on the fly.

   Equilibrium — STATE apprehension — dictates the action and reaction properties. There are no exceptions.



It IS and always has been A Question of Balance.





KeplerMomentumBasics: All Kepler Math  ¦  ThePerihelionPrecessions  ¦  THEvDcRelation



SolenT2022.ods  T2  A60 — LightTIME



Time in minutes for light with radial propagation velocity c0 = 2.99792458 T8 M/S to travel from Sun to Planet. Only by that time dependency, any mechanical connection (Grip Deep) between light physics and planetary Kepler kinetics is out of the question:

   The planetary perihelion precession phenomena does not interact: light does not connect kinetics.

But in modern corridors these simple basics have become Hieroglyphs — because ”nothing travels faster than c”. See also in ModernAcademyMultiplec.

   The planetary Kepler momentum as such is force-executively time-independent (Grip DEEP): gravitational force propagates timeless (The Solar Eclipses).

— See also in Two Arguments. Full mathematical exposure in All Kepler Math.





Apparently never (really) clarified in Modern Corridors — the short version:

From a MacroCosmos to a MicroCosmos:

K = 2A/t

BEHIND THE CURTAINS OF — the planetary perihelion precession phenomena

K = vr — relating the atomic detaild classical physics behind the planetary perihelion precession phenomena (Grip Deep ¦ All Kepler Math)


KEPLER MOMENTUM BASICS — (The Kepler) law of surface quantity conservation

The WHY AND HOW a perihelion precession

(EnergySource: The4P — SunTemperatureFieldUpstart: LightFields) does not govern gravitation physics, only preserves it. Compare The Solar Eclipses

GeDith: KeplerBasics

Geometry’s Displacement Theorem:


Sw. »geometrins förskjutningssats»



With t for time: The connecting line (d) between a fix point (P, the ActPoint) and a body (B) moving straight along L with a constant velocity (v) shows that

   d covers equal areas on equal times — geometry’s simple displacement theorem in related physics

IF the propagated covered path (s) is divided in equal intervals (b), all triangles b.P share one and the same area:

   A = bh/2.

From 2A = bh then is given K = 2A/t = bh/t which is the area momentum or (here) Kepler Momentum, or

   The KeplerMoment.


As long as change on m in speed and direction is accomplished along d WITH NO SHORTEST POSSIBLE CONNECTING TIME DELAYING INTERFERENCE — straight ActLine P.m conserved — the m-path can have any imaginable form related to — relative — its ActPoint P.



Velocity v in an arbitrary orbit point (B) can be divided in the angular components h(=vnormal) and H(=v0) along the ActVector (d). For every B accounts then according to (GeDith) the displacement theorem and relations through right angled triangles

   bd = h/v  ;  bv = hd


The component H along d has been named centripetal acceleration (into P) and  centrifugal acceleration (out from P).  The central decisive point:

   If H is changed to H’, which depicts v as v’, the resulting vector form (v’) is GUARANTEED preserved inside the given interval h CERTIFYING that the area Hh through GeDith is a CONSTANT.




   A given h »the momentary apparently absolute action roof» @ any moment of time — dt0 — can in no way be changed except AFTER a NEXT COMING shortest possible time interval — executed by any whatever H-change along d (Example).





APPLICATIONS: A1 A2 A3 A4 —— Application1: GeDith


RELATED PHYSICS based on Kepler-Galilei-Newton results ¦ KEPLER MOMENTUM BASICS

FIRST APPLICATION — Central Acceleration å=w²/r


The following type of elementary deduction of basic concepts in physics, geometry and mathematics has no here known established representation. Al least not among the foremost viewed. However, this presentation does not cover all material. So, there might be some, somewhere. That would be encouraging.



CausalNewton ¦ Central Action ¦ Coriolis’ first Theorem


The Acting Acceleration from ActPoint O (Origo) to moving mass point P along O.P

— or the central acceleration meaning: the orbital moving P changes relative the fix ActPoint (O)

— acquires its exact synthesis from the KeplerMoment through its similarity with the linear acceleration (Galileo Galilei’s experiments with bronze-balls in a leaning run — The Birth of Mechanics 1636 ¦ Galileo Galilei, 1564-1642).


MAC1900+: Applications

In modern quarters 1800+, especially enhanced during the 1900s, with further, it seemed important to derogate these simple basics, instead inventing new, more attractive academic suited criteria on the more popular educational profitable (Nature2022) preferred inducements for natural intelligence (inertial forces are illusory forces”, »centrifugal force is a pseudo force» .. we need a book to cite them all: established textbooks and literature 1900+ in basic physics and mathematics).


ImageSource: Author’s Archive 12Sep2012 E28 Bild—177


Please: Say, name, something that 1800+ modern academy did NOT vandalize in Nature. Just one single example. That would be encouraging. Very.


ExperimentalConfirmations ¦ TheNeutronSquareBreakThrough ¦ GripDEEP ¦ UnderstandingActionReaction

   Business Enterprise — in itself: slavery: QUALITY: no rotten salad — does not take — does not understand — knowledge arguments. IT is an ABSTRACT: cookies: MIND MANIPULATION.

   Business Enterprise — in itself: slavery: QUALITY: no rotten salad — pisses on HumanRight: knowledge domain gravitation, electricity: LIFE. Has always done so. Will always do — in itself.

— Why? Because HumanRight does not allow slavery. Because HumanRight honors WOMAN — deeply.

   Business Enterprise — governed by HumanRight RECOGNITION 24/7 — is the NERVE of all developed human civilizations: market and trade.


Application2: A14


RELATED PHYSICS based on Kepler-Galilei-Newton results ¦ KEPLER MOMENTUM BASICS


It is defined mathematically through the (Kepler area momentum) centrifugal acceleration w2/r equivalence with the simple Galilean linear acceleration a from the general Galilean force law F=ma:


From Application 1:



For G (often 6.67 t11 JM/[KG]2 in 1900s encyclopedic/educative literature) see

The Gtest and The Electric Constant.



Application3: A14

RELATED PHYSICS based on Kepler-Galilei-Newton-Planck results ¦ KEPLER MOMENTUM BASICS

THIRD APPLICATION — Periodic System, Spectrum and Quantum Numbers


Where in our world is crazy caring tenderness? Tell me about it ..



With opened eyes: Paradise:

— Get the fuck out of my beach.



SPECTRUM AND QUANTUM NUMBERS h = mcz l0 ¦ ThePotentialBarrier

Author’s Ref.MPcPeriodic2.wps



Or, as Max Planck himself put it: the energy packages hf  depend not on any property of the light waves themselves, but on that the atom can emit and absorb radiation only in definite determined (resonant) hf-quanta (Gamow’s book [sidan 33, Trettio år som skakade fysiken, Thirty years that shook physics]). Einsteins ”traveling photon” excellently explains the problem by mathematics (transport syndrome). But — apparently deeply — blocks its physical natural explanation.


KEPLERMOMENT short repetition


ALL bodies moving under the influence of a central force follow the KeplerMoment: K=2A/t0=vr. The ActionVectorLine between central mass and orbiting body  always sweeps equal areas during equal times without exception. The complexity of the orbital form is insignificant. The Keplermoment multiplied with the orbiting mass gives (Sw., rörelsemängdmomentet, eller enklare impulsmomentet mv·r) the angular momentum J=mvr: motional-quantiy-momentum (mv·r): linear moment (mv) over central-action (r). The periodic orbit via t0 gives the frequency f =1/t0 and thereby the energy J/t0=E=(mvr)f. IN EXPLICIT:  With Planck constant (h) as the universal efficacy-quantum (Sw., universella verkanskvantumet) — electron mass angular momentum (see length r=l0 below) — h=mvr, one arrives at E=hf.

   That directly connects to SPECTRUM AND QUANTUM NUMBERS in atom- and nuclear physics, and most definitely

   DEDUCING THE PERIOD SYSTEM (based on simple Kepler area momentum resonances).


The connection between atomic nucleus and electron element is executed on the electric charge Q in the deduced potential barrier-zone by the divergence or the light propagating velocity cz. The potential barrier concept as such, it (cz) is, what we know, a concept outside modern academy awareness (LGD) — except as an experimentally observed and measured quantity: no morphology. In modern quarters (Wikipedia): ”quantum tunneling”. That concept apparently as so deduced is the entire electrodynamics foundation in every detail — or not at all. For the nucleus to connect a resonance with its e-mass, all e-mass’ Q-elements must feedback (electric, magnetic) periodically via cz. A such periodicity can be deduced either directly on a ground circle (polar resonances) or more generalized on a surface, corresponding to any possible electron-mass’ extension (surface resonances, further 3D-resonances).


r need not aim on a radius vector



The period t0 connects explicitly for electrophysics a resonance over the length r=l0: It is, as deduced, a basic energy circle (or direct an energy area A via the Keplermoment 2A/t0), via the named divergence v=cz : It TAKES on the active charge’s element on the Site (place, locality) where divergence energy (E=hf) and gravitational energy are equivalent. Namely where the charge’s potential maximum resides. That is: »the actual Real Steel physical Q-Take».

   More details in LGD with Potential barrier.


Impulse-moment’s (angular momentum’s mK=mv·r, or »linear momentum’s moment») connection over l0 receives hence the general form h=mcz l0=E/f. Then

E=hf=h(f1–f2)=E1E2 defines (SPECTRUM) all possible energy fluctuations that the electron mass quantum can exhibit. And, thereby: all its emitting hf-light.



WE BELIEVED FROM THE VERY START that modern academy was the instance from which to be educated on these above suggested basics: great future. After a short but successive test in younger days, that assumption showed up to be troublesome. We apparently had to look for another tourist bus.



Application4:  A14KeplerMomentumBasics


All Kepler Math

RELATED PHYSICS based on Kepler-Galilei-Newton-Planck results ¦ KEPLER MOMENTUM BASICS

FOURTH APPLICATION — planetary perihelion precessions


NOW THAT WE KNOW THAT light physics is in no position of even THINKING on playing with a Kepler area momentum mechanics


SolenT2022.ods  T2  A60 —— KeplerMomentumBasics




continuous unbroken vector Timeless acting Direct Now Time Independent force action and reaction only by the masses resistance against Change

everywhere in the whole universe completely independent of location

we can also understand the (FirstLightTABLE ¦ FirstLIGHT) reason why — apparently (The RESULT) — the planetary KeplerMoment is preserved — that IT exists, still today — INDEPENDENT of the planetary perihelion precession phenomena (All Kepler Math):


Light physics does not connect kinetics. The SolarEclipses. Multiple c. See also MULTIPLE c IN MODERN ACADEMY.


— Why not?

— Because — The SolarEclipses — light is massless: light develops no centrifugation [EXPERIMENTAL CONFIRMATIONS].

In modern corridors — where The PotentialBarrier is just a formless quantity ”quantum tunneling” — the [TNED related COEI, conservation of energy by induction] one does not like the massless physical property of induction [The Photoelectric effect] — but must have a traveling OBJECT [Einstein’s Photon] for that happening — WHICH, of course, also then is given the property of Mass. THEN the concepts began exercising their own wild affray, looting and sacking whatever the tongue might reach out for: ACADEMIC consensus determines the menu. Decision. Not recognition: HumanRight — is a knowledge domain, apparently SO not familiar in modern quarters: Gravitation, electricity: LIFE. Brains. Wit. No human state-governmental A-people invention over B-people. Modern academy mentions it not. Never heard one word OnLine from that side. IF missed, however, please do correct. That would be a day of joy itself. 24/7. Absolutely.


   The (FirstLIGHTtable) built up perihelion precession energy — as deduced: from Sun’s first light building up history (Two Arguments) — apparently — BRINGS THE ENTIRE  KEPLER MOMENTUM PHYSICS WITH IT without touching even one atom of its base.


We study that.

— Like the Bus Driver: Driving the passengers between NY and Pittsburgh — without even THINKING of touching any passenger In Situ.

We (namely) WOULD (very much) like to know WHERE — by precise explaining quantity — that kind of MECHANICAL ROTATIONAL Perform-Execute POINT the location of the point through which the extra rotation is executed is at, as small and very tiny as the precessional quantity now has proven to be.


ThePrecessiveSTATEargument: KeplerMomentumBasics

Not to forget (in this demanding analyze): As deduced and concluded:


ONLY (FirstLightTable) DURING THE (Precession energy) temperature-light ENERGY BUILD UP

is there a physically relatable causing action for the later established STATE

where no longer any (changing) input exists to (further) affect the established precession STATE.


When that starting period has finished

— »Sun now works on a constant effect (P=3.8275 T26 W

— there is no longer any supporting or maintaining energy to relate a precessional change:


Modern academy does not seem to have even reflected on this detail:

   IF a planetary Kepler momentum exists AS apparently intact today,

   the only possible physics say that Orbits were established BEFORE First Sun’s light,

   and that THAT light upstart

   the only available NOT disturbing Kepler momentum precession energy source,

   gave The precession energy — as is even today; thermodynamical equilibrium, still.


   Moving bodies in a mass-free empty space in a (thermo) dynamic equilibrium meets no motional resistance of any kind — Kepler momentum preserved.

   So, whatever the conditions are NOW, there is no NOW supporting mechanics than THAT WHICH EXISTED IN THE PAST during the build up, unless we have missed something imperative.

PerihelionPrecessionRotationalCenter: Application4


   gravitational interaction is linear — absolute, time independent — working on a central vector, while

   light-electricity action is not: it is c-delayed: curved (The Solar Eclipses).



KeplerMomentumBasics  ¦  AllKeplerMath

The one billion dollar Question then apparently is:

  C0 —— our presumed precessive deflected rotational center at test .. Where?

— Lies it inside Sun? Outside? If so: How much?





Precisely on what MECHANICAL reference POINT (C0) IS the Kepler Area Momentum planetary orbit BROUGHT AROUND to precess BY THE PRECESSIVE rotation: where? Inside Sun? Outside? Oh Please.

   Because IF there is a delocated center from the ideal K=vr Kepler math — Sun center — IT apparently also is forced to bring the Sun along with it (It is anyway the Sun which is the responsible causing agent here, so that part would be no big deal: »mother takes care of children» stuff).



   Otherwise the specific planetary Kepler area momentum principle (angular momentum) would not be conserved

— as testified in The RESULT : it is.


And besides that — the ten billion dollar question: HOW do we RELATE that apparently existent point — mechanically?

— The precessive deviation is apparently small. Yes. But that is no excuse to escape the Quest.



Directly mechanically related, we apparently have this situation on the table:

— The original change of state did leave a NowState which APPARENTLY has a corresponding

Now TIME INDEPENDENT State as now working

without any more energy input — mechanical resemblance:

no light physics to relate in explicit : ThePrecessiveSTATEargument


   WHERE in this universe could we find a more resolving — explaining — picture of The STATE details, and how these relate inwardly?

   a situation explanation where no change exists:

.. perhaps it was a hundred billion question .. or »buy it all» ..




CoriolisResolution ¦ AngleE — Deriving  the C0 distance: the two disk displaced centrifugal-center mentioned [but not deduced] in Coriolis theorems ¦

The (Aberration, James Bradley 1725 first discovered, but seldom noticed in modern quarters) electric-thermal-light displacement v/c around the planet’s local gravitational dominant sphere (LocalGdominance), in explicit in Sun’s light field (c) in our precession complex, revolves a fraction  u/v0 = 3(v/c  of  the planet’s ordinary Kepler anomalistic period (The precession’s simple basic Eddington form). Then — apparently — we have the  u/v0  fractional revolution as a corresponding Coriolis First Theorem effect Disc2 agent on the ordinary Kepler planet revolutionary Disc1.

— Linear acceleration form: a=2d/t² = C0/t² = nC0/nt² = d0/(t² + t0²) ;  C0 = d0t²/(t² + t0²) = d0/(1 + [t0/t]²) = d0/(1 + [ω/ω0]²) = AU/(1 + [ωPLANET/ω0precession]²). ω = 2π/t0:



Disc2:s center tap is mounted on Disc1.s disc

The TWO DISC EXAMPLE (COR2) exposes the same (perpetual principle) situation.

   Disc1 (Sun-Planet rotating vector sweep) has on it a corresponding ideal tap mounted very slow rotating Disc2 (on which rotation a gravitational reference point is related to carry the different Coriolis vector details).



SolenT2022.ods T2  B21 ¦ AY21 —— 1 AU = 1.495 978 7 T11 M



Using the Coriolis effect deduced CO form (AngleE), the CENTRIFUGAL DISTANCE deviation from Sun’s center caused by planetary orbital perihelion precession apparently renders no more than a »ridiculously small»: at most ca 0.3 mM — as a largest agent for Mercury.



The v/c displacement around the planet’s locally dominant g-sphere revolves a fraction u/v0 = 3(v/c)² for each the planet’s Kepler anomalistic period. That directly defines a corresponding Coriolis first theorem resembling application, the tabled values. The precessional centrifugal displacement (C0) from the ideal Sun’s gravitational center is, as seen, »completely negligible». At most for Mercury: 0.369mM = 369µM. International Standard.



   We apparently could not find a more elegant resembling mathematical-mechanical explanation than through the Coriolis complex:



C0 = d0/(1 + [ω/ω0]2) = AU/(1 + [ωPLANET/ω0PRECESSION]2)


CoriolisResolution ¦ AngleE



For all planetary cases the deflected centrifugal point C0 lies well inside the Sun. So well that it is questionable to attach any (known) practical significance to its Sun center difference at all.



Further details on the precession issue in Case Closed.

See also LARGEST DEVITATION contrary to the sbove minor result.





CENTbyLightTime: Thermo ElGraDis


Another method PerihelionPrecessionRotationalCenter for calculating the Cent point



There is also another (largest) way to calculate the corresponding precessional rotational center C0 point location from Sun’s ideal g-center.





TABLE REFERENCE: SolenT2022.ods  T2  C21 ¦  T21  ¦  AR21



BUT AS WE KNOW (Detailed ¦ FirstLIGHTtable):

   In an already established thermodynamic equilibrium — no change — neither any available ENERGY from the light (thermal) field is on the menu.

   The only known physically related way the v/c property (LocalGdominance) will affect matter (PotentialBarrier) on collecting any ENERGY input, will be where a radical THERMAL (pressure) CHANGE — first light — shows up in Sun’s gravitational field.

   So: The energy source history behind the planetary perihelion precessions can only have that explanation: FIRST Kepler Momentum — before any light at all. THEN the light came WITH added precessions ON the light build up credit — related physic says.



   s = absolute largest deviation (s ¦ CENT) SunOrigo(Sun’s G-center)-PrecessionCenter(CENT):


The DISTANCE (d=vt) the planet’s precession rotation (v·u/v0) advances in optimal light connecting time (t=r/c) Sun-Planet (r):


s = (r/cv · u/v0


The table in column s lists the values. And, as we see:

   These results are not »particularly» different from the Coriolis C0-calculated result: Mercury (C0=0.000369.. M) at most with s = 0.7 M.



Continue on CaseClosed.









TheNeutronSquareBreakThrough: Planck Equivalents ¦  PotentialBarrier ¦  Basic Math Ranks



Deducing the electric charge — not represented in modern corridors ¦ The NEUTRON SQUARE AND THE ATOMIC MASSES — not represented in modern academic quarters



All these results (All Kepler Math) and their explaining details are apparently only direct confirmations of the first (1980+) realized and deduced basic concepts in related physics — as opposed to the established theory of relativity: On the nature of gravitation (LGD); On the nature of light (Divergence Convergence) and the deduction of the electric charge (Q: Light’s related divergence) that lead TNED to the deduction of the atomic nucleus from The Neutron = Planck constant h = mcr; The atomic masses from the discovery — in PaintBrush — of The Neutron Square.  And further: The K-cell heat physics: The Cosmological General State Equation. None of these have any mentioning in the modern academic teaching system as so related.



Comparing TNED/MAC — highest mass defects ¦ TheDIFFgraphs




TNED RELATED PHYSICS as deduced through The Neutron Square and its Elliptic Functions  



atomic weight U in Dalton (u=1.66033 t27 KG = [mCarbon12]/12) units:


U          = Amn(1–mDme)  atomic weight  in atomic mass units u  with

A           = mass number ¦ number of neutrons building a heavier nuclei in a Fusion Ring from Dmax

mn         = 1.0086652  ........................    Uneutronmass HOP Table 2.1 s9–65]

me         = 0.000548598  ....................    Uelektronmass HOP Table 10.3 s7–155 for me , Table 1.4 s7–27 for u]

mD        = 6 + (1/5)√ 602 – (60E–1[AK])2 ¦ general atomic mass defect equation — detailed from The Neutron Square


atomic mass in KG :


m(U)     = Uu ¦ (u=1.66033 t27 KG = [mCarbon12]/12)


Analyzing the 6Carbon12/12 mass unit reference through the NeutronSquare geometrical math, also entails a possible equation for calculating/testing the Neutron atomic weight value — see NeutronAtomicWeightValue:


Neutron mass related basics



What we know: no corresponding description exists on that one in modern corridors. But it would be interesting if it did — for thorough comparison.

KNe number of electron masses in Neutron ¦ nu  NeutronSquare calculated mean mD for the Uu candidate 

[complex analysis needs a u-averaging mean  u(1 – 1/UNUCLIDE)me with me = UN / KNe in units of u

— over the whole nuclide chart  on its stable nuclides, up to 83Bismuth209: HOPaver.=15.65059347, CODATAaver.=15.65059995 ¦ ;

6C12 NeutronSquare: nom. 15.6:



The neutron square does not directly hide

the obvious Carbon12 connectivity relative the rest of the nuclide chart.


Result: The lower statistical average UN value: HOP  1.0866421, CODATA  1.00866392.  Actual HOP  1.00866520.


   UN — neutron atomic weight U in Dalton u — In its most simple version

— relying only on the Neutron Square NS geometrical mathematics — the TNED deduced atomic nucleus [N3m20] and its Central Mass disposition as the whole equivalent number of electrons in a neutron 1818+18 = 1836 [evenly dividable on 3: 18, 6, 2; 1818, 909, 303, 101] and the NS mD value 15.6 for 6Carbon12,

— the UN calculated value becomes UN = (1836/31.2)(1 – √1 – [62.4/1836]) = 1.0086442629. Not bad for a simple primitive starters.


hit range: 99.9979241% = 1.0086442629 / 1.0086652000 ——  on the most simple


[Planck constant  h = UNu · c0 · NeutronGravityCircleRadius, ca 1.32 Fermi = 1.32 t15 M: h = mcr — mass Kepler Momentum].  

See comparing table sources below.

   Modern Academy 1800+. That would have been something — on a best fit: no bald cuts [ provided smart enough to develop further ..] .. WorldPeace ..



Along with the Encarta u-value in all UH productions (@InternetAug2008+)

the HOP1967 value U(N) = 1.0086652u has been used as a basic preference

on all further comparing tests.

   Shown in the compiled table below are

the TNED Neutron Square calculated comparing results on the five first stable light atoms:

Used u-values:

TNED               = 1.660330000 t27 KG ¦ Encarta99, Molecular Weight

HOP                 = 1.660430000 t27 KG ¦ 1967

CODATA          = 1.660538782 t27 KG ¦ 2008 ¦ SHARP EL-506W (2005) technical calculator 1.66053886





SolenT2022.ods  T2 A80

Comparing experimental values from different sources with the TNED calculated first light atomic masses Uu.





TheStarAnvil: How is temperature generated?


Sun’sRawPower/Effect as TNED-deduced (Sun’s third equation):

P = A²ε0(1VM–1C–1S–3KG)





Modern academic MAC representation — on Earth — of understanding the thermo nuclear nature of our Sun is apparently and provably close to a practical doll’s house theater — compared to a related and deduced real steel natural appearance [The MATH in Light and Gravitation]: apparently invented. Not deduced.


There is never any wrong with the math as experienced. Our only problem is in using any available capability we have developed of understanding its content and meaning — in accord with the same natural provisions that made our nervous system the perfect instrument it apparently is. That is: in co-operation with the same given constructive natural environment. Not trying to create a new one.

   We did surrender immediately.


Related  and deduced physics and mathematics — what modern academy completely missed 100%:





Modern academy:

Read from right to left  illustration above: arbitrary H-H fusions (H, hydrogen) inside the star globe is thought to build up a growing Helium core:

   a remaining decreasing active Hydrogen rim is then driven/pushed outwards to the surface;

   on credit of the limited and decreasing volume remaining for the H-H fusions, the lifetime of the star becomes comparatively (very) short: »No big deal».

   Depending on initial mass (and different phases) the star enters a second and hotter thermo nuclear phase where the Helium core in its turn can build heavier elements — as Carbon, with further. At a certain critical point, modern academy says, the densified inner Helium core »collapses under its own gravity» (ending as a white dwarf, a pulsar, or a neutron star):

   the star ends on an implosion, and the outer part explodes/expands ([super] nova burst).


Related physics:

Read from left to right  illustration above: In related physics the preferences are quite reversed, as deduced;

   The H-H fusions appear in a small high dense innermost part of the star — on the rim of a high density star anvil (the inner Dmax core of the high mass primary celestial body divisions after The K-cell detonation):



Related Star physics — exclusively in UniverseHistory only, what we know:

   All star stages begin from a first primary Hydrogen-Hydrogen to Helium thermo nuclear burning period:




All stars work as Pulsars — see also PULSARS

— from day Begin, to day End, related star physics explains, deduces, and proves.

The huge star globe guarantees that the pulsing effect (11.44y for our Sun from start, possibly slightly slowly decreasing as the star ages). is evenly and (very) smoothly distributed without glitches over the entire intervals between the long term short pulsing bursts. The WaveEnergy Density Independence (same as The Tsunami Effect) further guarantees that the microscopic anvil mantle rim fusion metrics are transferred as huge (kilometer scale) outbursts at the star’s surface.


   Periodically — very slow, as Helium is produced from Hydrogen — the high anvil density attracts a stream of new available hydrogen atoms, leading to a periodic cycle of anvil rim fusion bursts.

   The already anvil rim tight positioned and close to each other nuclei potential barriers, need only very little remaining effort — on a very slow pushing force — to realize a final extra burst in triggering a fusion situation. That is the general dynamics explained by and through the TNED star physics — never present in modern quarters.


   The burst creates a wave, propagating up through the star’s globe. That low velocity path involves explicit positron spiraling — ending on the observed huge flare phenomena (huge solar protrusions) on the star’s surface. These inner highly electrically potentially charged interactions also incorporates all the (possible, deducible) magnetic and coronal phenomena of the star’s physics, TNED says. All of it is (simple) deducible math with results excellently matching all (here known) well known observations.


   THE FUSION WAVE (The Wave Energy Density Independence) beginning from the anvil surface becomes later reflected by the low density at the outer rim of the star globe. And it is that (mechanical) reflection (reflex) which promotes and drives the period further on a constant photometric effect — until all available central hydrogen has been consumed.




   After hand, as the core makes Helium products from 4(1H1) to 1(2He4), increases simultaneously the effective Coulomb nuclei product (cp = Z², Z denotes the atom’s electric charge, same as the atomic number) between two nearby nuclei from 1 to 4. Two He does not fuse, neither does He and H (and neither Ne-Neutron: these promptly repel on any such attempt).

   Thereby the potentially over positive He-nuclei are drawn to regions where the Coulomb potential is lower:

   The He-nuclei is slowly pulled upwards towards the star surface (the opaque high electron density shell):

— Helium flows up, Hydrogen (down-flow) replaces the vacancies, attracted by the high density central star core’s very small anvil (some 4 KM radius for our Sun).

   Simultaneous fresh outer star globe Hydrogen streams towards the anvil core, filling up what was taken and preparing for a new fusion burst.

   The function guarantees that the star burns steadily »in to the last available Hydrogen atom», as an alcalic battery : a constant voltage is preserved until the battery power has been consumed.

   The Lifetime (t = tSUN·n²) on that premises can be calculated. And we have, related physics, for our Sun a total ideal Hydrogen burning lifetime of tSUN = 121 T9 y = 121 billion years. Modern corridors give our Sun only a remaining more cheap lifetime of some 5 billion years (BA1978s128sp2n). So, in TNED our Sun has still some 100 billion years to shine-on, based on the named premises (see present K-cell Age: 20.8 T9 y).

   See details in The Constant Current and SUN’S CAPACITANCE.

   In space regions where the supply of hydrogen is rich, a star can enter several new hydrogen burning stages if the star’s remaining core has sufficient gravity to attract further surrounding hydrogen.

   See details in related STAR PHYSICS PART 2.



As modern academy 1800+ had none of these conditions at its table from start, and still apparently is feasting on properties not present in any reasonable universal region, nothing else was to be expected than »perfect math — on fucked theories». As related. The Kepler centrifugation-area momentum perihelion precession mathematics, The Math as deduced, apparently is standing as a most prominent example of this named modern academic issue:

On the art of presenting mathematics provided by a theoretical WAY of thinking that has presented chaos to humanity. Please do disclaim anyone who can.

— Humanity was more or less forced to be invited to develop in a cocoon, governed by an academic authority based on merits, education — and business. These are horrifying statements, and would gladly be so accepted if anyone can make the disclaim. Say again.



A general test on all this related cosmological TNED deduced physics and mathematics came with the IAU Test: The Sun-’s Photometric Effect — a direct hit :






On that base, also the present Sun mass could be tested — as well as the G-factor, apparently with some further additions: The MATH Kepler centrifugal-area momentum (the Sun’s thermo nuclear radiation pressure phenomena) has made definite contributions, as it apparently can be interpreted.





ConstantPRECISION: 21Nov2022Suns4 ¦ The Gtest




(mN = 1.0086652u)/u = U(mn) = 1.0086652 ¦ u = 1.66033 t27 KG = mC12/12 ¦ h = mNc0rN = 6.62559 t34 JS


DEPENDING ON PREFERENCES, DIFFERENT END RESULTS APPEAR. The rank above comprises the K-cell — universe — parameters on the gravitational constant G.

In related physics, The Ground Station is THE ATOMIC MASSES (derived from The Neutron Square, unknown in MAC). It is based on the (instrumental epoch’s) standard (1960-1999) atomic and nuclear values — and once these are taken for The Work, the resulting tables become locked to these selected factors: neutron, proton, electron, and further.


— All further meaningful tests will depend on the basic atomic-nuclear parameters. The end result will either diverge (the Academy has to start Inventing New Aspects in order to get the machine out) — the theory crashes. Or converge: a direct hit (deduced results feed their nature, too).


G and ε0 :  The two foremost available constants open for precision tests — on the cosmological scale. ε0 has no meaning in related physics’ neutron square determination of atomic masses. But its role in deducing basic star physics is (TheStarAnvil) somewhat decisive.

— PROVIDED we have some (very) genuine instrumentally measure quantity — the photometric effect of our Sun — further tests can be accomplished also on the electric constant ε0 as well as on the (normally very elusive) G-factor: the universal/cosmological gravitational constant G.


   IF, namely, there IS a »harmonic solution» — (the original Kepler idea), which few if any nourish in modern quarters — TEST will only prove the right way:

   If »no harmony» counts, the test results will be divergent: »we find no common sense in these equations».

   If harmony is on the menu, the natural deductions and their results will serve the dinner.



Previously specified quantities — constants — in UH have been continuously enhanced in testing the different parts of the mathematically underlying reasoning and theoretical context.


The IAU Test on Sun’s photometric effect is a close example:

   The Sun’s calculated raw effect


Praw/A²            = ε0 = ρr²Gc0/18  C/VM


became the coined term in UH when the last part of the rank above appeared as a close — or perhaps, to be further tested — exact match to the actual real steel practically measurable physics (The IAUtest).


The constant ε0

— termed ”vacuum permittivity” (Greek, epsilon) in modern corridors (vacuum’s capacitivity number)


Wikipedia 21Nov2022

8.8541878128 t12 AS/VM = C/VM ; 

older textbook value (FM1975.s66 Dielektricitetskonstanten för vakuum, Dielectricity constant for vacuum):

8.8543000000 t12 C/VM first used in UH)


— has several features when it comes to the established definition.


The ρr term (Greek, rho, -r) denotes a basically deduced star surface density constant,

8.9277145 t5 KG/M³ for primarily unrotated stars (first Hydrogen based):

m = ρV = ρ· 4πr³/3 ;

p = F/A = G(m/r)²/4πr² = G(m)²/4πr4 = akPT4; nuclear radiation pressure balancing g-contraction — from

P = aAkT4 , Stefan-Boltzmann’s radiation law where

kP = 2k/c0 and k the Stefan-Boltzmann radiation constant

2π· b4π4/(15h3c02) Stefan-Boltzmann radiation law constant, as deduced , =  5.6699807232 t8 WM–2°K–4

derived from the terms in Planck radiation law (Special deduction from Planck entropy concept)

b Boltzmann constant, h Planck constant; it ends on

(ρ·r/3)² = p/4πG = akPT4/4πG ;


THE electro-magnetically CONVENIENT APPROXIMATION (See .. ElectricConstant)

ε0 = 1/R0c0 = 1/c0[1/ε0c0] = ε0  ¦  R0