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Delphi4Test2022  ¦  As further developed Jan2022+

Special for DELPHI4Test2011 ¦ 22 - HELPoffLineWebbReader ¦ F6¦CtrlV¦ENTER ¦ FindTextTool2022 ¦ ArchiveHELP2011 ¦ organization2022 ¦ SetPersonalDelphiBrowser


— This program needs explicit permission from the user for off line use of the computer's installed standard web reader. Continue ..


Our general environment — how? ALL DETAILED DEDUCIBLE MATHEMATICAL PHYSICS: Modern Academy 1800+ is a Primitive inside Humanity;

INERTIA ¦ CHEOPS RECTANGLE or Mathematics’ 5 foundational Laws ¦ Physics’ 7 Principles ¦ TNED ¦ The Neutron Square — AtomicMasses from Elliptic functions ¦

The PERIODIC SYSTEM — NuclearMatrix Algorithm from Kepler Resonances ¦

Deducing Flinders Petrie’s Cheops Pyramid 1883 measures based on Petrie’s observed The 18th Roof — Exposing The Contracted Construct: The Geometrical Plan (JCircle) ¦

K-cellHEATphysics (UniverseHistory) ¦ Earth’s 5 Equations ¦ Sun’s 3 Equations ¦ Sun’s Photometric Effect  a direct hit ¦

BioEK1-10 ¦ EARTH MASS EQUIVALENCE BY EARTH CRUST ISOTOPIC COMPOSITION ¦ CWON ¦ CAP ¦ Nature certifies the proof — United Nations Vandalism ¦


not one word HumanRight. Not a hint. Not a spell. Not a sound: unproclaimed satanistic fascism — by DRIFT. Violence — destructivity — is gushing out from it.





Simard2012 ¦ CAP ¦ CWON ¦ water from the outer ¦ Chlorophyll and Hematine ¦ MLN1812IPCC2013Graph284ppmvCO2 ¦ Biochemical basic matrices structures ¦ ForestWORLD2012

LIFE: Apparently and Earth mass equivalently Based on a constant cyclic biomass, evolving as one single undisturbed organism from Leaf&Needle collecting sun energy, developing all species, the nervous system of animals and humans, certified by TheTen communicating biochemical equivalents attesting the Earth surface crust isotopic distribution of elements — up to 1812 MLN1812IPCC2013Graph284ppmvCO2. Then hell broke loose. 2000: after only 200 years more than 30% — and increasing [GlobalWatchers] — forest area removed. The biochemical foundation on which nature built our nervous systems apparently have no longer any natural sustaining and attesting provision. And The STATE, United Nations — irresponsible, uneducated, ignorant and blind to everything except its own decisive authority BY DRIFT, not plan — turns its back on these alarming markers. United Nations continue to undermine all life chemistry’s native universal biochemical nature. All for the sake of promoting a further world wide Business Enterprise: Slavery reinstated. The biochemical outcome is inevitable — unless there are instances capable of disclaiming this here reported: Humanity is under attack.





Harmonic isotopic distribution of elements on an unprecedented tolerance precision scale of ±3 GRAM with an equivalent Earth mass, apparently can only have one general physical explaining nature on the level of related mathematics: a  recurring resonant property: K-cell Heat Physics: UniverseHistory.

   United Nations has apparently, provably in every detail down to the last atom destroyed — vandalized — the foundation of life on earth — by taking the idea of DECISION — not recognition — as a world wide new emperor on ideas of law and order: unproclaimed satanistic fascism. By Drift. Please do correct if wrong:

   Stupidity, reckless carelessness, greed for power, ignorant, uneducated, full of misapprehended ideas of life, existence and in explicit: our universe. Say:

   Properties: United Nations is withholding humanity its nature — by DRIFT, not by plan, by promoting, and defending a world wide satanistic sect: TheClaim. Say.


VEGETATION is The Solid Cyclic Bio Mass Life Sustainer and Life Provider on Earth — in no way intended for any kind, nature or sort of Energy Production. Atmospheric carbon dioxide content is NOT reducing, but constantly increasing (2015: 63% fossil, 37% deforestation): the fossil part — the Logistic growth equation, a limited human energy consumption — has no innate provision for an exponential increase of atmospheric carbon dioxide — but deforestation has: the only exponential increasing agent to chose on, as annually measured; State administrations makes nothing else than destroying the environment: cannot build society and technology WITH nature, constantly destroying the premises, forcing humanity as tagged cattle advised to narrow boxes under surveilled environmental imprisonment, as if a global gala of charity.



THERE IS NO ”CARBON SINK” — it is a modern academic MYTH based on the erroneous presumption (Keeling 1958) that seasonal Mauna Loa Summer Decrease is connected to a vegetative uptake of atmospheric carbon dioxide: it does not work that way: RELATED Photosynthesis — 100% cyclic, no oxygen production, not one atom — uses the seasonal Summer Decrease for boosting cyclic carbon uptake through water solvent carbonic acid, misconceived by modern academy on the idea that ”plants dissolve water into oxygen” and ”trees take carbon dioxide from air”. Modern academy is constantly destructing the environment, on opposed claims. We have the exact same chemical ranks — but modern academy misunderstands and misinterprets the process: The SD-wheel — based on the idea of The Kant Nebular theory with ”water came from the outer” — the fatal modern academic consensual history of our universe in general (CAP, CWON, BioEK1-10, The Earth mass biological equivalent).



— unprecedented Earth biological environmental destructibility? Ignorant. Uneducated. Misapprehended ideas of physics and mathematics: Say.



   Searched for, but not one single mathematical-physical expression, connection or explanation stating, clarifying or demonstrating HOW ”wind power comes from Sun”. It is just a repeated rhetorical statement, phrase and claim circulating The Web repeatedly: ”wind comes from Sun heat”, ”free friendly energy”.

   We only need one single clear cut mathematical-physical statement, clarifying HOW that works, please. And we will surrender, capitulate, immediately and unconditionally. Make it happen:

   Based on a general workout in math and physics from the principle of Thermodynamical Equilibrium, there is not one found mathematical expression explaining to us HOW wind on Earth would be supposed to be generated from the Sun’s heat flow — not one single atom of it:

   Turning our eyes to The Earth Rotation and its following atmosphere — the Coriolis Effect as explained and deduced from Gaspard Coriolis’ two theorems (1832, 1835, Persson1998), the mathematics and (Vortex) physics is formally GUSHING on mathematical and physical explanations — in every atomic detail.

   So, please Mr Modern Academic PhD leading Aces: do explain: show the math. Because as far as here has been investigated: there is no such. NADA.

   The idea that wind power on Earth is generated by the Sun’s heat, then appears to be just a convenient business ballyhoo gimmickry enterprise — by Drift, not plan — continuously destroying Earth’s natural environmental biological premises — and misleading humanity into fatal beliefs on ideas of friendly environmental inducements. Modern Academy ideas of physics, environment and mathematics is misleading humanity — with a Please Disclaim Immediately. Say.


   Modern academy 1800+ is constantly destroying Life on Earth — propagating it the other way while the eye sees only a constant continuing destruction.


Conclusions — UNITED NATIONS

is governed, ruled and commanded by an 1800+ appearing Modern Academic Consensual idea claiming a universal supreme intelligence of its own — mainly and basically grown as detailed by examples, references and cross references in UniverseHistory on invented, not deduced, ideas of mathematics and physics (The LIST): Life is based on chance (Life origin on Miller Experimentation chance and random), has no general meaning (Entropy Concept), has no (health care) universal supreme bio-technical intelligible content of its own, and must not be understood to have such preferences or properties in due to the United Nations supreme decisive authority over humanity: except a United Nations supreme decisive authority over humanity, there is none — states Modern United Nations 1800+ Academy.


Proving (BioEK1-10, source: three independent 1900:s encyclopedic references with all geological data) an Earth surface AtmosBiosLitos isotopic composition on the equivalence of the mass of the Earth (<±3GRAM — an unprecedented tolerance preference — on a thorough comparing separate Earth mass analysis from different sources and epochs) with Water and BioMass ($ = S + c), as so defined by quantities on a preserved 100% nature forest up to 1800 (MLN1812IPCC2013Graph284ppmvCO2) presents the basic proof against the 1800+ Modern Academic idea on the origin of Earth, its biological life, and the detailed development of life. Correspondingly deduced (meteorites proofs) biochemical matrices — just slightly more advanced than the modern academic idea based solely on Miller Experimentation — certify the BioEK1-10 quantitative corresponding communicating properties — by mass as well as by atoms in explicit.


United Nations 1800+ Modern Academy represents (The Claim, Properties) an unproclaimed satanistic fascism in humanity — by DRIFT, not plan — holding humanity captured in darkness, the worst ever in human history, a complete vandalized Earth surface biology in only 200 years 1800-2000, ignorance, carelessness, grave universal misconceptions, and (2016+) a growing electronically surveilled imprisonment, treating humanity as tagged cattle on a market, advised to stay in narrow boxes by police and court, not one word HumanRight. No decision will make a difference: claim whatever you want, in whatever manner you want, in whatever wording you chose. Only a recognition.

   Return what was taken — and start recognize Nature: DECISION — democratic voting: unproclaimed fascism — outside HumanRight recognition has only power to destroy. Children and Animals do understand that: political power IS a destructor. Proof: nearest 200 year human history: satanistic unproclaimed oppression. TheClaim. Humanity under attack.


NATIONAL DEFENSE’S MOST IMPERATIVE MISSION Oct2022: prevent acts of claimed personal ownership from any further vegetation attacks: return it all, or continue on further global biological hazard: global health care. Return Life to Humanity. Stop killing life.





   Windows 7 Screen Dumps 2022

   ScreenDumps from 2Oct2022, may be altered later


Delphi4Test2022 abbreviated D4T

Help Files:                   SpreadOut .. an IntroVignette has Clickable InfoTickets with connected HelpLinks ..

Functions File:            T2014A.htm — extensive component description

Extensive basic image handling functions:

Merge, Tone, FrameTone, Basic matrix Zoom, Text, Draw Zoomed, Simple Clone tool, CommanderDoit

Math — Drawing graphs in polar or rectangular coordinates


Basic2D3D BasicDELPHI4|  2D |  3D

HelpFiles:                    T2014ColAn.htm

Functions                    T2014ColAn.htm

Advanced — basic »no big deal» — 2D and 3D functions for simple elementary image and picture handling


BaseTextZ BasicDELPHI4| BasicTextZm

HelpFiles:                    P2Help.htm

Functions                    P2Help.htm

Advanced Text and Zoom handling functions with Tone and FrameTone, MergingTextOnImage






PlainTextIm BasicDELPHI4| BasicTextIm

HelpFiles:                    P2Help.htm

Functions                    P2Help.htm

Extracted text and image handling functions from BaseTextZ: Tone, MergingTextOnImage





Memo1 Delphi4Test2022 HelpAssistant

PlainTextIm also has a co-working Memo1 TEXT info

in addition (Ctrl+Shift+M), assisting the D4T’s ReadMe.txt  help linkage.


   Originally the D4T:s ReadMe.txt should be NotePad connected:

   But that would mean a user privacy intrusion (we would have to bury the user in PermitTasks):

   So: We had to invent »a more sophisticated NotePad directly governed by D4T» alone:

— It can direct links and find headlines by direct clicks, it has bookmarks and scrollable lists ..

   See Memo1D4T.



HelpFiles:                    DELPHI4Webber22HELP.htm

Functions                    DELPHI4Webber22HELP.htm

Handling multiple openened Web Readers, Basic Delphi4 Code examples, [Advanced] Project Organization aspects



Delphi4Test2022 is this author’s main program in handling (Universe History) image and picture developments in DELPHI4. The other (4) also DELPHI4 developed Windows API programs are use as co-working assisting programs — as used and consulted for their specific most prominent functionality.

   Originally these programs were developed from a 16 bit Delphi1 freeware version (1995+). Namely the original basic 2D3D functions — as now refined in DELPHI4’s 32 bit Basic2D3D.



Continued :

   If so permitted:


   This program does not connect to Internet — no way:

   Commands, Functions and Tools in this program are 100% intended for Off Line use only:

— no Internet connection or calling at all.

   If permitted (†Key6 changes to ‡Key5 — with none or 4 selection options Keys1234 ):

— These selections can be changed or canceled at any time.

— The user can also alter the Delphi4Test2022 code on these parts if Delphi4 is installed.

   This program uses an available/selected web reader to synchronize help headlines and content; and — if so downloaded:

   This program uses a function for Off Line Internet downloaded UniverseHistory documents having Internet links to

   transfer these to the off line downloaded location, if at all —

   with options for direct opening Spread Sheet calculus’ tables math (OpenOffice) on account and analyze of the UniverseHistory results:

that is: parts and details in the different articles of physics, mathematics, chemistry and general environmental and astronomical (astrological, cosmic) issues produced in UniverseHistory (@InternetAug2008).

WHERE Delphi4Test2022 uses YOUR web reader — if at all:

   opening documents, File Explorer, and others on key ENTER as a result from Search And Find [the ShellExecute Windows API function];

   PERMITTED opening documents, File Explorer, and others on key ENTER as a result from Delphi4Test2022 HELP functions with internal off line links.


   This program needs explicit permission from the user for

   off line use of the computer's installed standard web reader.



Image and Picture handling, Drawing Graphs in rectangular or polar coordinates, Basic 2D3D, TextOnPicture, SEARCH AND FIND

This Program Delphi4Test20xx has been used and developed in DELPHI4:s Classic Windows API since 2002

— two decades of »perfect assembly»  for developing the content in UniverseHistory — @Internet from Aug2008


Image ¦ Picture ¦ Delphi4 code RGB Color Analyzis ¦ Graph ¦ SearchAnd Find ¦ Text On Picture ¦ DELPHI4 ¦ SubjectINDEX — all 17 HelpFiles


The screen dump below from earlier stages ..

See ADDITIONS — some minor changes ..





With a selected personal web browser — see SetPersonalWebber — the ALL alternative above right — Scroll LOCK ON — uses a specific Web Reader for arriving at Delphi4Test2022:s specific component articles manuals and descriptions. There are 5 main Help articles as channeled links by the following example below.

   The Delphi4Test2022 components and its Component List are detailed in ComponentsList.

   A web reader must have been selected first, if a linking browser response is expected, as exemplified below.

   Delphi4Test2022 has no automated browsing connection — IT COULD, but that would violate the users privacy on selected browsers [for specific purposes]: The user must give D4T a specific permission to use a browser on the user’s computer.

   See Selected Browser ¦ ComponentOverview.


IF a specific browser need specific D4T connectivity — select a default opening catalog or folder first from that browser’s settings. And it will always open on the selected page.



Selected browser (KeyBoadKey 3) InternetExplorer:

   Open with Ctrl+O unless already opened (Black Font on Opened, otherwise purple).

   Select key ScrLk ON:

   HOVERING OVER THE DIFFERENT COMPONENTS [TagNumber in Panel8, the light green]

and at the same time pressing the SHIFT key once, will export a help linked article to Clipboard

at the same time leaving focus to the browser:

   Keys [Tab, or] F6 (gives browser URL focus), Ctrl+V, Enter takes the browser to the actual linked article.


     case Tag of              HelpFile                                                   Component

————————————              —————————————————————————             ————————

     01:                            'DELPHI4Test2011HELP.htm';               HELP button

     02:                            'AD4a1Begin.htm';                                  Image1

     10:                            'T2014A.htm#BotRig';                             BottomFlags

     11,12:                       'T2014A.htm#Panel33';                          Drive units


   CONTINUING WITH ScrLk ON — hovering a component has a corresponding explaining article on pressing the Shift key.




With an already opened web reader (computer’s default, or as selected, See Selected Browser), hovering the pointer over the ticket info articles with a Mouse Left Click gives the web reader focus and an awaiting Clip Board Exported link article: Press (TAB, or) F6 (focuses the web reader’s URL in box), Ctrl+V (pastes the link) and a final Enter takes the browser to the actual article.

   Some status information at the vignette bottom informs of the different actual settings.

   VignettHELP article give more details.



   Ctrl+Shift+R opens a separate text help ReadMe.txt in Note Pad:



The text content in ReadMe.txt is copied from a (protected) original zRem.txt situated in the D4T folder (Hold Ctrl and a press on MouseLeftClick opens the D4T folder in File Explorer — the click alone shows the full file path at the bottom status label).

   Changes in this ReadMe.txt Note Pad version are allowed (and can be saved for personal references, as determined by the user).

  Info label i — left click to activate, browse headlines, Enter: Escape on return : EXCERPTS from this ReadMe.txt are given in two separate Memo boxes — with inner link capabilities, connecting to the actual articles with further details.



All these complementary informative details are continuously adopted for the functionality changes and provisions underlying the whole program concept — and it may be altered and edited as well by the user on any free basis.


   A MouseLeftClick on the ReadMe.txt label opens ReadMe.txt content in a separate Memo based co-working PlainTextIm program:



Key F6 toggles the help text Memo OnOff. Off: Basic¦PlainTextIm program with basic text on image functions — all the basic image handling functions for copying and arranging pictures and text. See P2Help.


Here a full search based ReadMe.txt copy serves in part with a separate inside search function (Ctrl+Shift+F), and in part a direct Ctrl+F text search — as is — by directly marking/ighlighting text to search for — browsing the found with Ctrl+ArrowUpDn: A counting number shows the hits and highlights them as browsed.

   See further details here in Keys, how the docking between the two co-working programs works.

   Note: these here presented Screen Dumps are from Windows 7 — Windows 10 has vandalized classic Windows API metrics and will not show the stable and fine classic Windows API organized behavior (not even close to) — apart from the fact that the SPEED in Windows 10 — after The Great Update Sep2016+ — compares something between Windows 3.1 and Windows 95 — on a standard CRT screen: Microsoft’s Introduced Fuzzy Unclear HiJacked Personal Computer Settings Dim Text. Oct2022.

   See in explicit a comparing example (Oct2022) in CLONE (TheMisApprehension).

   See further details here in D4T Help Assistant.




   The different components in Delphi4Test2022?

   Place cursor over component

   Press F1 or Pause:



— A basic HELP gives basic info.

   An additional KeySHIFT opens a htm-document — in more detail.

   Basic 5 htm-HELPS with Scroll-LOCK indicator off. Individual TabsOpens.

   Scroll.LOCK ON: All available components are described in specific linked articles — with a ShiftKey.

— F6¦TAB, Ctrl+V with Enter arrives at the specific component’s article  — if a personal WebBrower is selected apart from the computer’s standard selected. See SetPW.








DELPHI4Test cannot directly address internal links in a WebbReader (first from Delphi6):


   URL focus with F6 (or TAB, if it works), then Ctrl+V with Enter:

   The link address arrives its destination with additional Keys:

   TAB or F6, Ctrl+V, Enter.


   F6 sets the URL focus

   Ctrl+V brings up the appended link address

   ENTER brings up the actual article



Some Webb Readers (InternetExplorer before 2016) also works on a TAB as an alternative to F6.

(If no other Key sets the URL focus — a MouseLeftClick most certainly will).




PersonalWebber: HELP  — Delphi4Test2022 detailes


Ctrl+W — shift focus to a selected Web Reader, have D4T bottom status line in sight for inspection — press Shift (for ½ second): D4T automatically adopts


Keys Esc+W dispalys actual Webber details in bottom status bar, if selected


   Dephi4Test2022 component descriptions with illustrated functional manuals

   shows up in a selected (PW) PersonalWebber (F6¦TAB, Ctrl+V, Enter) on specific article sections

   Pointer over component — KeySHIFT + (F6¦TAB, Ctrl+V, Enter).


Activate/Deactivate PW (»peWe»):

Personalize a Private WebbReader — with DELPHI4Test»


   If the computer has several installed Web Browsers (here WB, »weBe»), one of them can be programmed — activated or deactivated — to answer specifically for the (Scroll-LOCK) OffLine DELPHI4Test purpose Help articles on their htm-addressed article links.


HowToActivateDeactivate: PW ¦ DeAct



   Start Delphi4Test2022.

   Make sure the MainTimer is on (Toggle OnOff with Ctrl+Shift+T, ):

 the TAG display is blinking on one second intervals when TimerOn.

   Press Ctrl+W — it activates/deactivates a Windows API GetWindows call :

  The lower left Label1 status informer shifts background color between normal white and bright orange:

  Delphi4Test2022 is reading and showing the actually topmost focused window’s class name;

  Start the WB (WebBrowser) that is to become the PB (PersonalWebber).

— Place it focused/selected as the active window over/above/besides Delphi4Test2022:

   The lower left Delphi4Test2022 text shows the browser’s windows class name — it must be know to activate the PW — along with the browser’s exe-file name:


HowToFindWB.exe: HowToPW


Note. This example with Mozilla Firefox may be obsolete: Its version Jan2018 has ”FailSafe” issues that makes Firefox NOT (directly) useful as a PW — it pushes the user to ”make changes” that are not really explained the reason for. The Jan2016 version on the other hand works fine: no problems. That also holds for the new Firefox Feb2022 version (as recently tested in Windows 10): no problemo.


   We find that exe-file name in right clicking on the windows desk top WB icon and selecting Properties:

   Source (or Target) informs of the actual name

— here: firefox.exe ;

   Press key SHIFT (left or right):

— The Delphi4Test2022 ClipTimerWatcher copies the WB:s classname to ClipBoard:

   Shift window focus to Delphi4Test2022:

   (Deactivate the ClipWatcher with another Ctrl+W).

EquationInBox: PW

   Press Key 0 (KeyBoard top number key row) (or toggleShowHide: Ctrl+U) — also hide with an ESC:

— Delphi4Test2022:s EquationPanel inbox shows up:





   Remove the highlighted with the Delete key:

   Take in the newly ClipCopied WB class name by Ctrl+V:





   Add text  with no spaces:  Webber|firefox.exe|  so that the complete line looks like






   The vertical bar sign: AltGr (RightAltKey) + <>-Key (KeyBoard leftBottom);

   Press Enter:

— The in-box disappears, the WebberStatusInfo is added to the Webber parameters, and finally automatically added to row 4 in DATA.txt when Delphi4Test2022 is closed.

HowToDeactivate: PW

   The Webber status prevails until the EquationInbox receives a corresponding ”Webber” with no additional text — with a following Enter. The No4 DATA.txt row then receives that ”Webber” text

— telling Delphi4Test2022 to use the standard WebReader (WR, »we-are»)

— for all cases.


Reset on New Host

   The Webber status on a selected personal WB is automatically replaced by ”Webber” (»read standard WR») when Dephi4Test2022 project catalog is copied to and run on other hosts — computer or drive. That eliminates unnecessary confusion and gives maximum specific selection in specific domains.

   The previous Webber status in DATA.txt is erased when


Dephi4Test2022 reads in its new host’s directory tree complex into the UnitDirList.txt.

   As it is unlikely that previous and new Dephi4Test2022 host have the same catalog structure,

(Dephi4Test2022 is designed to work independently at any location)

the read-in-directory routine uses this information to reset the Webber option.




ARCHIVE  2011 ¦ 14: HELP



This Archive2011¦14 description is included only by purpose of clarifying the content in earlier versions of Delphi4Test20xx — some of which still reside in Delphi4Test2022.



Se även

INLEDNINGSDOKUMENTET med installationsanvisning (uppdaterat Okt2014)



MED DELPHI4Test2011 som aktuellt aktivt programfönster och vald komponent med F1|Pause:



Om datorn har en förvald Webbläsare:



— Tryck på Shift-tangenten leder till den mera utförliga beskrivningen i htm-manualen (separat htm-dokument öppnas).



NOTERA: inte alla DELPHI4Test2011-komponenter kopplar med Shift — de som gör det visar  som  vid F1|Pause

— Det är [ännu Jun2011] bara de allra viktigaste (främst tillgängliga)

— HELP-knappen, Image1, Flytbildsflaggorna och DriveUnits

— som har Shift-koppling.

Se även särskild notering nedan: Webbläsarnas olika fasoner, samt att operativsystemen (Windows) delvis skiljer sig på detaljer, gör att den ideala (önskade) helhetsfunktionen INTE (riktigt) når ända fram — vi måste (ev.) använda musen med klick i URL-boxen.




·         Håll Peken över aktuell komponent;

·         Tryck F1 eller Pause — en förkortad hjälptext visas: HelpOn visas i statusraden;

·         Tryck Shift;
DELPHI4Test2011 skickar med en länkadress till Urklipp:
Din/min förvalda Webbläsare (htm-dokument) öppnas;
TAB för att flytta fokus till URL-boxen överst [eller F6 om det inte går — eller MusKlick direkt i URLboxen om inget annat fungerar, all text blåmarkerad];
Ctrl+V — adressen till hjälpartikelns länkställe visas;
ENTER för att komma dit;


TAB F6 Ctrl+V ENTER — särskild notering

— Testat OK [13Jun2011] i Windows Vista på Internet Explorer och Firefox;

— Windows 7 fungerar också OK, men bara på Internet Explorer; Firefox i Windows 7 vill inte koppla DIREKT, varken via TAB eller F6: man måste använda musen och klicka i URL-fönstret för att ge det fokus;

— Det visar sig ALLTSÅ svårt att få en heltäckande (snygg) funktion över samtliga webbläsare och samtliga Windows operativsystem (95|XP|Vista|7). Jag hoppas att Du är lika luttrad som jag och har överseende med »pågående vägarbete». Om framtida lösningar medger kommer en nyare version att ersätta dessa brister. Huvudsaken är att det FINNS NÅGON möjlighet öppen att länka direkt från DELPHI4Test2011 till manualen. För ev. vidare.


Peka, F1 — Shift, TAB, Ctrl+V, ENTER

eller: Peka, F1 — Shift, MusKlickURLboxen, Ctrl+V, ENTER

— åter till DELPHI med Alt+TAB







Set Personal Browser:




Simplified (very — with extended) function:



Previous (Delphi4Test20xx¦from2011):

It can still be used .. fills same functionality ..

First we must know the WINDOWS (API) ID for the actual (WR)Webb Reader — and write it in manually (or copy it in .. for DELPHI4 recognition):


Välj en särskild Webbläsare till DELPHI4Test2011-hjälpen

Vi kan välja en annan Webbläsare [som finns installerad på datorn] istället för den förvalda:



Ekvationsboxen till höger — intervallboxen i mitten, enhetsboxen till vänster: ta fram med QWERTY-tangent 0, GÖM med Esc


Ta fram ekvationsboxen med QWERTY-tangent 0:

Skriv in (byt ut) »Webber|Firefox.exe|MozillaUIWindowClass»

Tryck F11;

Raden lagras på rad4 i DATA.txt i DELPHI4Test2011-katalogen, den används sedan av DELPHI4Test2011 som kommando för att använda/öppna den angivna webbläsaren till DELPHI4Test2011-hjälpen.

Ta bort egenvald webbläsare:

— Skriv in bara »Webber» och tryck F11 om den separata webbläsaren inte önskas.

— Datorns förvalda webbläsare kommer då att användas.


»Firefox.exe»: uppgiften finns på webbläsarikonen (skrivbordet) med högerklick, Öppna filens sökväg;


»MozillaUIWindowClass»: uppgiften (ClassName) kopieras från DELPHI4Test2011 till Urklipp med följande:

Starta upp den aktuella webbläsaren; starta DELPHI4Test2011 (D); Tryck Ctrl+W [blinkande visning initieras], flytta (D) så att vänstersidans statusrad kan läsas i bakgrunden med webbläsaren i fokus; Växla till webbläsaren; Du/jag ser att (D) visar ett ClassName (här MozillaUIWindowClass); skriv in det namnet för hand — eller (säkrare) tryck på SHIFT-tangenten, det skickar namnet till Urklipp; ta in (i din ordbehandlare eller Anteckningar) med Ctrl+V. Åter till (D); Avsluta (ShiftEnable) med Ctrl+W.






BookMarks ¦

BMline ¦ BMC ¦

The ScreenCursor



Set: Ctrl+NumpadDECIMAL — ReL ¦ Recall CAPS LOCK OFF: Alt+ArrowLeRi

Set: Lifo, HELP, CLICK — ReC, ReL ¦ Recall ReConlyOnCAPS LOCK ON: Alt+ArrowLeRi

   These are on an experimental stage — just investigating the possible (promotive) memory marking alternatives, and their usability.

   As the text evolves (user free edits), the original positions from where jumps are made also change. Only the permanent bookmarks have sequre line identifiers, making it possible to recall previously set text position references.



DEPHI4 code — Unit1M PlainTextIm (2Nov2022) ¦ Procedure SampleCarIn(S: string = '');


Procedure SampleCarIn(S: string = '');



       DateStamp +

       FormatFloat('0000000000',CurIn) + FormatFloat('000000',Length(S)));



       DateStamp +

       FormatFloat('0000000000',TcL) + FormatFloat('000000',wL));

{DateStamp                           TcL.......wL....}




{0        1         2         3         4         5  }


The DateStamp adds a certified secured chronological record keeping track of all activated JumpOuts — on sorted lists — guaranteeing that each recall Alt + ArrowLeRi scans the lists chronologically: what we remember to be the last or first is always respected. The additional data stores the actual JumpOut position along with an actual Window-Line-From-Top number — so we (mostly) receive the recall as it was made in view (»exact photographic memory recall»).

   As of now (2Nov2022): clearing the ReC and ReL list JumpOuts is made manually from the project’s text files (ReC.txt and ReL.txt) — by need and convenience as we go along.


A MouseLeftClick on the bottom status panel shows the project file’s Path (it is also copied to ClipBoard as text). A Ctrl + MouseLeftClick opens the actual project’s file folder in File Explorer where all its project files reside.


procedure TForm1.FormClick(Sender: TObject);


         S:= Path;

         Label1.Caption:=   S;

         ClipBoard.AsText:= S;


         if(GetKeyState(VK_CONTROL) <= -127)then















When a CLICK on any of these three LinkInfo (Permit, Permitted) HELP or any clicking inside the Memo resulting in a jump, the jumping position is stored and can be retrieved later from the stored jump list by the return keys

Alt + ArrowLeftRight- The jump list (ReC, ReL) is stored permanently (by increasing amount of additional jumps) — and can be deleted manually (for now: The project file’s ReC and ReL.txt-files).


The three click panels (they connect internal help file details) are associated with highlighting click responses — and their jump offs can be called backed explicitly with Alt+ArrowLeRi with CAPS LOCK ON.

With CapsLock OFF the highlight recall jumps are excluded.

Ctrl+NumPadDECIMAL sets a corresponding TYPE of (silent) bookmark, being recalled directly by Alt+ArrowLeRi with CapsLockOff.

   These are only for personal experimentation (and evaluation) on a level of selecting different possible reference markings in the text (»whatever much we can get our hands on and remember in use»).



USING BOOKMARKS IN MEMO1 D4T text help assistant




Whole Line book mark — a BMLine panel follows on browsing.





(Orange) Position Cross book mark — The xy position cross shows on browsing.





Memo1 Delphi4Test2022 Help Assistant: 2Oct2022 — KeysUsing Bokmarks




— WHERE IS WORLD HEALTH CARE UNITED NATIONS DEFENSE? One single word HumanRight? Please do share: humanity is apparently  under attack.

   Say it : That is incorrect. Come again.



The Memo1 (D4T) Delphi4Test2022 Help Assistant  is

automatically opened when



ReadMe.txt label is clicked on at the DElphi4Test2022  program window

— provided the D4T IntroVignette is removed (happens by any first key, except PrtScn)

   OR: Memo1 can be Shown/Hidden directy from the BasicTextIm program by

   Ctrl+Shift+M — and after that first opening then

   F6 toggles HideShow.


D4THELPassistant: Memo1 Assistant


Ctrl+Shift+F — find text in Memo1



Ctrl+Shift+F offers an extra Find Text option from a separate inbox.

   Select ExactText or Independent with Ctrl+O.

   Search directly from a marked text position inside the Memo1 text by Ctrl+F.

   Ctrl+ArrowsUpDn browses the found list.


Memo1 Delphi4Test2022 Help Assistant


   F6 — HideShow Memo1 Assistant

— Memo1 Hidden: The normal BasicTextIm Delphi4Test program activated.

   F12 — ShiftMemo1SHELL between Dark(AsBelow) and Light (SunLightOrange)




The Memo1 Delphi4Test2022 Help Assistant — Screen Dumps from Windows 7 ¦ Oct2022 — D4T Text Manual



Always under construction .. I’m working on it ..










PERMIT ¦ Permitted






130            110a



What Memo1 is:

Memo1 Delphi4Test2022 Help Assistant 

   describes all D4T (Delphi4Test) functions and key commands

   with some more advanced additions than a normal NotePad text info ditto:

   THE SAME NotePad TEXT CONTENT may also be conventionally called up directly from D4T with the Keys

   Ctrl+Shift+R — it opens the same content as in Memo1 but in a Windows standard NotePad — where the user have more freedom to maintain and select the text’s font and size on a more personal basis.

Memo1 features:

The Memo1 Delphi4Test2022 Help Assistant has

   htm-document linking capabilities connecting to all (5) D4T programs and their separate htm-based help files — a single MouseLeftClick launches, with further

   direct search capabilities — with simple Ctrl+ArrowUpDn scrollable results

   bookmarks (Ctrl+B/N, set/remove with CaretOnLine) — with JumpInOutMemory and a separate WheelScrollFunction (whole bookmark line texts) on a separate label bar



— each bookmark has a small WindowFollowing panel (BMline) marking the actual bookmarked text line

   always automatic User Edition mode ON — for user’s personal corrections or additions:

— The Memo1Assistent automatically saves any changes to the BasicTextIm file


as keys come by the changes the user makes in Memo1 text :

— no need for a Ctrl+S (»just stay Sharp ..») .. And reloads on reopening on the same source:


      {LastOutFirstIn¦SavedOnCloseRecalledOnOpen¦wL TcL:}

      Memo1.SelStart:= TcL;

      Memo1.SelLength:= 1;

      Memo1.SelLength:= 0;

      Memo1.Perform(EM_LINESCROLL,0,20 - wL);


Memory on Line, Character and Window Scroll position: last out, first in: perfect Assembly. We always continue were we left: Perfect memory.


When the user decides to make a safe copy of the actual Memo1 content at writing time — securing that a last (safe) copy exists of whatever written, the same command Ctrl+Shift+R

   will transfer the present Memo1 content back to the original fabric’s txt-file in D4T’s folder on its zRem.text file.

— Apart from the user’s private backup precautions:  If — by accident — the original fabric’s zRem.txt file should have disappeared, the original is always available through the last downloaded ZIP-files originals (Pack’EmUpAgin and copy).

   So: The actual Textbased D4T MANUAL will — most certainly — be controlled by the user — at a personally selected choice of engagement and responsibility.

  It means that whenever the user activates a Ctrl+Shift+R — from Memo1 or D4T — the following happens:



Ctrl+Shift+R From Memo1 Assistant in BasicTextIm:

Memo1 content is copied to

   zRemD4Tcopy.txt in BasicTextIm — ordinary SaveMemo1OnChange instance.

   zRemMemo1copy.txt in BasicTextIm — »localHardCopy» Memo1 backup — and

   zRem.txt into the D4T original zREM.txt — it is SO updated on the users Ctrl+Shift+R demand;


Ctrl+Shift+R directly From the main program D4T (Delphi4Test2022):

   zRem.txt in D4T is copied to ReadMe.txt in D4T

   which is D4T-opened (ShellExecute Windows API) in Windows NotePad by the Ctrl+Shift+R key command — IF already the D4T Memo1 assistant is open. Otherwise That opens on Ctrl+Shift+R.


So: The user will meet whatever was written in his own Memo1 edition, if so wished by personal work, comments, changes or whatever: A The user’s own D4T manual in Memo1 and NotePad has been created — with full htm(l)-link capacity.


So, at the end of all things: It is the User that decides whatever WILL be the content of the D4T manual AS the use and experience evolves — if the user so wishes.

— It is, what we know, the Only successful Way to Develop Scientific Research:

   sharing as much as possible. Not hiding. Not running. Just Facing. Solving the problems as they come.



— »Don’t blame me for being corny — if Need has better resources».

   Even shorter: we haven’t seen your version yet.



KEYS — Memo1 D4T help text manual in PlainTextIm

Memo1 function

Directly from PalinTextIm

Ctrl+Shift+M    initializing D4T text manual in a Memo1 window

— directly from the PlainTextIm program:

Directly from Dephi4Test2022

MouseLeft       The Memo1 D4T help text window generally is opened

   from Delphi4Test2022 whenever the ReadMe.txt is clicked on:

MouseLeft on from Delphi4Test2022

Memo1 window in a — only one at a time — PlainTextIm co-working D4T program is then opened, positioned to the right of D4T (as windows spaces so allows):



The 3 possible configurations on Memo1 activated directly from D4T.

   D4T and PlainTextIm are Windows coordinated to allow only one open Memo1 D4T help text manual — independent of the number of opened D4T:s and PlainTextIm:s. Attemps to open a second Memo1 results in no response.


F6                     HideShow the Memo1 window, once activated, alsoClick F6-Button

F12                   Light(Sun)/Dark(Star) Memo1 shell alternatives, alsoClick F12-Button





Ctrl+B               Set ordinary (strong) bookmark (BMline) — set at Caret (textCursor) position

— LineText associated and protected until removed:



   See Classic Library Bookmark Convention — same rules.

  Only 1 per Opening. IndicatorsHelpNavigate. See BMindicators.

Ctrl+N               Remove previously set BMline bookmark — on same selected line:

Alt+Arrows ↨    Browses the list of active BMline boomarks:

— browse to selected — remove by Ctrl+N




Ctrl+Shift+       0—9 upper normal keyboard numbers generate a

orange xy-cross marked bookmark — line, character position



The 0-9 number is an arbitrary associative selector allowing some personal choice ..

— The BMC:s are stored in one second based updating DateStamped BMC list — so there can be as many Type »Ctrl+Shift+9:s» as whished.



— when set and browsed ordinary (see below): else:

— gray 1 SECOND ANIMATED . ·  . .   xy-cross positions

when orange DPan4



advertises a BMC in View and a MouseLeftKeyDOWN is held on DPan4 — as many BMC:s as exist in the present window’s view.

   Additionaly, the list number of these BMC:s is displayed on the right Memo1 margin side as the xy-crosses show, 1 per second


The DELPHI4 coding of the animation:

procedure TForm1.Timer2Timer(Sender: TObject);


    if(DPan4.Color = $0478FFF){RGB(255,143,71)¦BMCinView}





        Panel33.Hide; Panel34.Hide;{FlickerFree¦10Oct2022}

        Label13.Caption:= IntToStr(I mod vBMC.Count + 1); Label13.Show;

        Panel33.Left:= StrToInt(Copy(vBMC[I mod vBMC.Count],2,4));

        Panel34.Top:=  StrToInt(Copy(vBMC[I mod vBMC.Count],6,4));

        Panel33.Color:= clGray;

        Panel34.Color:= clGray;

        if Panel33.Visible = False     then begin Inc(I);

           Panel33.Show; Panel34.Show; end else begin

           Panel33.Hide; Panel34.Hide; end;

        {The mod OperatorAutoLimitsBMCtoItsCount}

    end else


end;{vBMC holds the xy-BMC-cross VIEWwindowPositions previously set¦2-4¦6-4}

NOTE that the mod operator allows the i Integer to count endlessly without hazard on the limited BMC list. The mod operator produces

N mod M = N — (N div M) × M ; Ex N=17, M=3, 17mod3=17—[(17div3=5)×3=15]=2

   So the reckoning goes 0 1 2 0 1 2 0 1 2 0 1 2 0 1 2 0 1 2 0 1 2 0 1 2  . . endlessly as i grows.

   The mod operator relates to The Division Algorithm in basic math.

   Microsoft’s MsWORKS 4.0 had it in its spread sheet coding — but it was removed in Microsoft’s Excel and further in OpenOffice — on here unknown arguments.

   Microsoft (2008) literally killed MsWORKS (Windows Vista) from further Windows usage after an upsetting automatic update 2008 — and refused to undo the rape. Microsoft Enterprise is such a joy.

(MsWORKS 4.0 still works on still alive Windows XP machines: New Microsoft cannot handle computer tech and its valuable history archives, apparently I’m afraid .. ).


Alt+Pause        CapslockON — at a selected BMC (see Alt+Arrow ↨ below)

or change the text on that line (all, if several BMC:s on that line, are then removed)


Alt+Arrows ↨    Same as BMline bookmarks — only difference:

Capslock ON for BMC:s, Capslock OFF for BMline:s.









PURPOSE: fastest possible associative access with least possible loss of in-between Tampering On Other Issues ..








   When clicked on, the stripe info below shows:



   HIDE WITH ANY KEY PRESS except PrtScn - allows a screen dump as here.


   It is only of an informative nature — instructing a HowTo:



   WHEN OPENED DIRECTLY in ASSOCIATION to an existing htm-document help article:







The most central and important COMPUTER ASSOCIATED BOOKMARK instance:


   The Screen Cursor:


— Shifting Focus between different Windows — normally, but not here — entails »COLLECTING THE SCREEN CURSOR FROM ALL OVER THE PLACE» when



— Would it not be nice to have a function SUCH that

   WHEN we return FROM WHERE WE LEFT the Screen cursor IT RETURNS to exactly the same screen position in that window from where it was last left.


Yes. The D4T-program co-workers have such features — performing simple memory refreshing Markers between our different computer applications.







The Classic Library Bookmark Customary Standard


   1.   Only 1 Bookmark per visual window (1 per book opening)

   2.   The original Bookmark placing Associated TEXT can under no circumstances be manipulated — removed, altered — by no less idea of a change than That a New Bookmark ASSOCIATION has taken place: past, present and future MIND markers.

   3.   Changing a given Bookmark’s state, ITS associative Bound to ITS original IDEA unequivocally has to be removed and replaced with a corresponding New IDEA — an ASSOCIATIVE corresponding idea of A New Bookmark:

— associating a New text CONTEXT demands That Specific Bookmarking.


Memo1 Text utilities

The BookMarkUpdate Function

TheBookMark Update Function:


As long as a BookMark IS, it follows its line when visual in the MemoText window:

   We restrict ourselves to have only one bookmark per visual page .. [here 20 lines]:


— MEMORY HANDLING — its noted effectiveness — very much builds on »a photographic mind-print». Keeping IT tight with least possible EXTRAS, just enhances the Visionary Memory part — focusing on (preferably only) ONE most prominent detail — according to this authors life experience:

   The BookMark’s function is to take such a focus: »one page at a time».

   We can always change that (line-) focus: Ctrl+N/B removes/inserts.



   The one single BMline panel



alters between the selected bookmarks as the page-scroll — MouseWheel or ArroUpDn — reaches the window top/bottom edges:

   The last set BookMark always attracts the BMline Panel to it;

   Alt + ArrowUpDn scrolls the BookMarkList with a displayed status label





Part of the 20 line Memo1 D4T help text Assistant’s design in BasicTextIm, Oct2022.

   MouseWheelScrollBookMarks is automatically activated when screenCursor enters the top label rectangle.

   MouseLeftClick bring IT up — as well as a key spouse Browse Alt+ArromUpDn



   along with some displayed BookMarkData, here  6  3  2 as Archived (3 active — 3 have been suspended, Ctrl+N), 2 tha ctual bookmark in its BMLlist number.



   Whenever the Text Caret is positioned on the actual Bookmark line, the BMline bookmark panel takes a purple color:

   FUNCTIONALITY STANDARD 2. : That text is sequestered for that specific bookmark until the actual bookmark is suspended (Ctrl+N — AT that line).



   This Memo1 Window Mode HAD vertical size constraints/restrictions:


[It is the PERMIT infoPan that demands some extra space that is responsible for this feature].

— With some partly tricky added DELPHI4 code this limitation has now (7Oct2022) been eliminated:

   We can FREELY (continue) to use PlainTextIm:s NORMAL WORKING IMAGE area when the Memo1 function is not active (Key F6 toggles, Ctrl+Shift+M initiates):

   ADDITIONAL: Only one PlainTextIm can have an active Memo1 usage.

   This is (now) automatically handled between the possible multiWindow PlainTextIm program windows, versus only one of them having a Memo1Access permit.

   Click on The T-bottom panelButton gives information:

 or  = AlreadyOpenedOtherPlainText +

 on actual.

   The active uses last line in DATA.txt for information ”Memo1Initiated” — and erases it when closed. so that any other already opened PlainTextIm can open a Memo1.

   If we have a PENDING IMAGE WORKING AREA in PlainTextIm, a call to Memo1 (Ctrl+Shift+M or after, Key F6 toggles Hide/Show), closing/hiding Memo1 will restore the last selected window size and its image as is — for continuing works. Exactly as we would wish it to be.




   EITHER BY KEYS Alt+ArrowsUpDn or MouseWheelScroll

   Additionally the MouseWheelScroll has a MouseClick function that directly sets the Memo text caret on the actual bookmark’s line:

   Several line adjacent bookmarks CANNOT exist inside the same page view:

   According to FUNCTIONALITY STANDARD 1.  : Only 1 per opening.


   In this appication — 20 lines per opening — it means — by DELPHI4 code:

   Adding a new bookmark is OK when the BMline panel is out of view — mening a minimum line number difference between two bookmarks of 10.

   As the line view number however is 20, it means that two bookmarks — but only one BMline — CAN have a bookmark connection on one and the same opening view.

The Code Rule here is then:

   The BMline panel is automatically 

always attracted to the chronologically last set bookmark line.

How Navigate?

   Unless directly memorized by the displayed numbers, The only way to find  ..



As changes appear in the MemoText, the original BookMarkLine Numbers tend do be compromised — if lines are added or removed, depending on location (over or under).

   We need an automated adjusting function that eliminates such glitching.

— How do we solve that programming task in DELPHI4?






   If it is deleted, we integrate That Occasion with a normal RemoveBookmarkAction (Ctrl+N) — and then it does no longer exist in the Actual BookMark zBML list: NoProblemo: partial problem solved (code not accounted for here).


BookMark FULLY SORTED BY DATE  identifier in BML-list



  {0        1         2         3         4         5         }


After The Change:

    MemoLin:= Memo1.Lines.Count;

    D:= 0; E:= 0;

    for B:= 0 to czBML -1 do                    {CheckOnActiveBookMarksOnly}


      Q:= zBML[B];                              {ObjectOnTable¦FindIt:}

      for C:= 0 to cBML - 1 do


        P:= Copy(BML[C],1,36);                  {DateStampOnly}

        S:= Copy(BML[C],43,Length(BML[C]) - 42);{ActualTextLineOnly}

        R:= Copy(BML[C],37,6);                  {ItsOriginalLineNumber}

        if R = Q then                           {SecureFoundIdentity}



          BML.Sorted:= False;                   {ChangesInSortedNotAllowed:}

          for A:= 0 to MemoLin - 1 do


           if Memo1.Lines[A] = S then           {ActualTextLineIdentified}


            D:= A; E:= C;                       {CheckParams}

            R:= FormatFloat('000000',A);

            BML[C]:= P + R + S;                 {NewConcatenatedBML}





      BML.Sorted:= True;                        {ReInstatedChronology}

      Label1.Caption:= IntToStr(D) + '¦'+BML[E];{TestedOK}

      ClipBoard.AsText:= BML.Text;              {TestedListOK}


    UpdateZBML;                                 {OnlyActiveBookMarks-zBMLlist}


Perfect Assembly. Works splendid (after some tedious work when everything just don’t fit .. as usual .. an Experience no money can buy .. not even close .. and as sweet as the sweetest of sweet .. I urge you to try that one .. not only in computer works .. but perhaps Need already is familiar with that .. in other branches).


   LineNumber NNNNNN has (here) a six digit format — meaning a maximum of 999 999 allowed BookMarks:

— An average of 2 New BookMarks per day, all life through, no breaks, makes 2·365·100 = 73 000 during a good 100 year lifetime. But to and fro, we (scarcely) use more than a handfull (for each NotePad text complex).

   When a BookMark is erased (Ctrl+N), it receives a leading ”1” (leaving an actual max 99 999 BM:s), and that post is then ignored on the actual zBML active BookMarkMenu.


The three BML posts with only two active (0..) below, is a sample

(ClipBoard.AsText:= BML.Text) during the different test occasions (4Oct2022) in Memo 1 where leading lines at the top of the memo have been added or removed, exposing how the BML posts responds.


2022¦10¦03¦@time¦06:01:32¦03Oct2022¦000084.          Commander Doit             *Commander Doit*


2022¦10¦04¦@time¦00:46:40¦04Oct2022¦000712COMMANDER DOIT


2022¦10¦03¦@time¦06:01:32¦03Oct2022¦000084.          Commander Doit             *Commander Doit*


2022¦10¦04¦@time¦00:46:40¦04Oct2022¦000709COMMANDER DOIT


2022¦10¦03¦@time¦06:01:32¦03Oct2022¦000090.          Commander Doit             *Commander Doit*


2022¦10¦04¦@time¦00:46:40¦04Oct2022¦000715COMMANDER DOIT


2022¦10¦03¦@time¦06:01:32¦03Oct2022¦000084.          Commander Doit             *Commander Doit*


2022¦10¦04¦@time¦00:46:40¦04Oct2022¦000709COMMANDER DOIT


The BookMarkPan follower BMlinePan certifies a solid anchor to its (last) selected Memo line:



THE COMPLETE CODE includes synchronization between the different Copy (and Memo BackUp) files — which we must organize in a separate Task block.






— LineText associated bookmarks ¦ OrangeCross — preserved as long as the textLINE of that set bookmark does not change:

   One and the same text line can have several BMC:s, each on a unique character position

BMC — BookMarkCross bookmarks

ASSOCIATIVE (»fast») BOOKMARKS — intended as such in this experimental investigation of the usability of a Bookmark in general




ORANGE INDICATION DPan4 = one or several BMC:s are in the actual window’s view:

Press MouseButtonLeft on DPan4, and each BMC:s bookmark is dispalyed during a half second, as many BMC.s as exist in THAT window’s view.

To see all BMC:s, have CapsLOCK on and press Alt + ArrowsUpDn to to browse through the BMC-list.


   Ctrl+Shift + 0—9 (KeyBoard top ordinary number keys), a BMC is set at actual Caret (text cursor) position:

— These BMC:s are DateStamped — in to the second — in a sorted BMC list:




If Consequive Ctrl+Shift+(keyboardNum) is pressed on one and the same position, there will be (by the second) equally consequtive BMC:s on that same position, all with a unique DateStamp. The BMC list is stored in PlainTextIm:s folder as BMC.txt.


We can set as many BMC:s as there are available character positions in the Memo text

— But IF we make any change in the actual LINE of text associated with a BMC, IT will promptly be removed from the BMC-list

— because that BMC associated text line is the only Memo1-text BMC reference. We can though freely add/remove other lines or characters in the text mass — the BMC:s will not be affected.



   Compare the ordinary »strong» BMline bookmark: its associated line text is protected by ReadOnly and can only be removed by selecting that BMlin (Alt+ArrowsUpDn, CapslockOFF) and press Ctrl+N: only on BMline per text line.

   As the Memo1Text always is open for editing — the D4T general text based help manual — it is advised to take some care in COGITATING CHANGES (think before do) of the content before actually performing any change:

   all changes are immediately stored as a new edit version. There is no Ctrl+S saving functionality here (so: take care — our mission is to minimize all kinds of established sloppiness — discovering the wonderful possibilities of staying a Sharp Human).


— We choose our own personal CATEGORY (0—9) for each one of these — they can have any same category number : that number is just for personal association.


   Alt+Pause — BrowsingMode with CapsLockON and actual BMC cross visible


The ordinary BMline bookmarks are browsed with Alt+ArrowsUpDn too — with only difference that the BMline bookmark Mode has CapsLOCK off.






innehåll: SÖK på denna sida Ctrl+F










Our general environment








TAB ¦ F6: CtrlV + Enter








































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