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Vidareutvecklat Från DELPHI 4 Test 2011 — color analysis — writing Delphi4 Windows API code for Windows Image Handling Programs — all free: on HumanRight:

SHARING a common Universe    Why would HumanRight be »a knowledge domain»? Gravitation and Electricity [ChemicalMatrices ]:

LIFE in Universe: — Is there anything else? Kepler, Galileo, Newton, Bradley, Euler, Planck .. Jessica Biel ..


This website’s responsible author can be reached on e-mail on the following Web Address —  but do not append third party links unless so agreed: if found, the post is deleted — see HumanRight: cooperation, not dictatorship. I am your Guest.

Vignette:  IcoCODE ¦ IconSHOW

This Apr2022 updated T2014ColAn.htm document describes the basic content  and  usability of  BasicDELPHI4¦ 2D¦ 3D



Fast, effective, exact:


In all [industrial] environmental work station situations: safest, fastest, most productive POSITIONS are also

   the most convenient, pleasurable and  WORK promoting:

   the more Inconvenience, the less working space interest, no matter the branch of science. Have your say:

».. LeftHanded Bicycles..» ..

— There are no ”left handed or right handed” pianos. There are only pianos:

— Mouse@Left + Control¦NumpadKeys@Right: CombinedMouseArrow. Play.




General listing



Morpho-Diana.ico Adrain Melsha






DISPOSITION |  ¦  ¦  ¦  ¦

Teckenförklaringar: MusKLICKVänster | Höger:  |   — RullaMushjulet FRÅN | MOTDig:  |







   not for any kind or sort of profit enterprise — no selling — only for sharing in HumanRight: 100% free to SHARE — or not at all***.

Preferentially mentioning the source — if other than the explicit personal: sharing artistic response — you know: Elvis Presley, Mel Gibson and Jessica Biel and ..:

   Those who inspired us for further progress (Kepler, Galilei, Newton, Bradley, Euler, Planck ..): behave. It’s all up to YOU — on this one (P1 UDHR10Dec1948):


Contrast | Brightness 40  ¦ ToneMerging ¦ Sharpening Gray2


2Jun2014  E10  Bild47 — ALSO DEPENDING ON SCREEN — and screen view: RIGHT: a brighter [ForeGround] end picture MIGHT be wanted here ..


”Whereas recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world” EVERYTHING ELSE BECOMES THE PER DEFINITION OF EXERCISING OPPRESSION: claim outside HumanRight defines not-freedom, not-justice, not-peace.

   pick one: satanism, fascism, dictatorship, nazism — »any type of a fuck-up».


Contrast | Brightness 70 [delvis upprepat]  ¦ ToneMerging [delvis upprepat] ¦ Sharpening Gray2


1Aug2014  E16  Bild90


   The ONLY occasion we are entitled to INTERRUPT a person in ITS HumanRight is: EMERGENCY= explicitly calling attention to a preservation of HumanRight, P8:

”.. to the end that every individual and every organ of society, keeping this Declaration constantly in mind, shall strive by teaching and education to promote respect for these rights and freedoms and by progressive measures, national and international, to secure their universal and effective recognition and observance ..”:

  ANY OTHER ATTEMPT to interrupt a person WITHOUT ITS EXPLICIT PERMISSION — we have to ASK first, in explicit — apparently DEFINES a HumanRight violation.


Utan Sharpening Gray2                                                                                                         Med


Contrast | Brightness 20


   If its is free for personal use — sharing without commerce — it is free to share with others with absolutely no other restrictions than HumanRight — or not at all.

   of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family”, it is — or not at all. YOU decide the How, When and Where. Nobody else. Zero.



Contrast | Brightness 40 + Contrast 20


   These are some of the tools we need to develop artistic text and image productions on a computer — and without them we are imprisoned and can do nothing but sigh — sometimes cry bitter tears —  and long for a more genereous common culture of sharing knowledge: a foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world.



FROM ALMOST »hopelessly dull» to a Great Adventure of a Bright New Day on Earth in Universe .. you know .. Sharing High Tech .. for free .. Very popular. MustBuyBook.

                          Contrast | Brightness 20 + Sat¦Red ...


originalet— TheOriginal. WHEN we KNOW these basics, we can take advantage of the — sometimes not seldom — short coming of a physical Camera — dark foreground, bright sky — »making the picture magic»: UseMe.


TheICONissue: Apr2022


— ».. destructed original icons ..»  flourish @Internet ..



— First we see what we can do with the most simple and straight: a preferred direct picture of something, whatever ..



Illustrating the possibilities


   Erotic is free from ego

   free from force

   free from violence

   is gravitation-electricity constitutional (unitive chemical-morphological-biological matrices)

   and embraces all living creatures without exception.


Preferred Iconic properties



   Attractive (erotic)

   Highly suggestive (contracting/collecting/embracing/categorizing)

   Selected on a strict personal basis (which changes through life with ones history of inducement)

   Open for others to use, develop, enhance and other: HumanRight 24/7. No Trafficking/Profiting.






Tools — in this production (3Apr2022)


   DELPHI4 Windows API constructed Windows Programs — all basic Image Handling;

— DELPHI4 accepts displaying icon files based on a max pixel square of 128×128.

   A personal user Free Icon Editor  for non commercial purposes (just sharing)

— for launching The already (mainly) prepared simple 1 layer pixel square import image (16×16)-(128×128):

   Junior Icon Editor (easiest) ¦ GIMP, GNU Image Manipulation Program (may be [very] tricky ..).


   — I have 15 good icon candidates. But am confused how to Be Able to Select one before another

— as I proceed through my programming/production and windows using .. (I kind of like them all ..).

   Build a simple »IconSHOW» in Your Delphi(4) program — viewing the candidates in the window’s header left top icon pane. Make some Mode or Key for selectionMode, and browse through the list (during the breaks in the general work): keep the preferred at the moment, and study how it adopts, or not. Then select another .. until it resolves:

   »Automated Integrated Resolving Resolution» — as the Work proceeds: exact test view on how it looks.

— How do I make/collect/launch such a (significant) list?

   Based on all unique icon file names:

— make a OneAndOnly collection in one and the same Folder/catalog/directory where all icon files reside.

   Take out ITS file names in a list from a File Name Search — just copy it in to a NotePad text file. Then use that text file (whole or selected parts) for a TStringList in Delphi(4) — programmatically connected to the actual icon catalog.

   An Example on how to write the code — and browse the list with a ForwardBackward order is given in









DELPHI4 — as tested 1Apr2022 — accepts *.ico-files made up to a 128×128 pixel square base.

   On Test with a 256×256 pixels square DELPHI4 explains ”Out of resources”.

   DELPHI4:s own Image/Icon maker (Tools, Imge editor) itself has the more simple 16×16¦32×32 based 16 color tool. But there are (2022) a few other free icon makers for free personal use at Internet:

   Junior Icon Editor — Internet personal user free



Junior Icon Editor


— has a (very) fine IconLauncher with icon area image pixel square options 16¦24¦48¦64 — it accepts a direct type 64²p ClipBoard copy — with a direct ICO-file build on a simple Ctrl+S command.

   Reserve a directory for (personal) ico-files

— in view beside the Junior window and see, and test, how they look when rendered as they come

   The screen dumps below from Windows File Explorer;

— Windows 10 (provided ”open with Paint”) on FileExplorer has an option ”Details pane”

— with the (sadly developed) following New Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise Design, as compared with the excellent ditto in the earlier Windows 7:



So many different viewing preferences .. destructed originals ..

— How The F Word will I know?


The Windows 7 ¦ 2009 Compaq LapTop Version PicturePane is re-sizable up to the largest as shown below. But Windows 10 — and the same year 2009 HewletPackard Windows 7 version — has only one icon picture pane size as below:

— Best Functionality [SCIENCE] is apparently not the foremost inducement inside the leading Microsoft Enterprise programming personnel.


Windows 10: World’s most uglifying — dictates diffuse perfectly pixel clean small fonts — »must adopt to see fuzzy»: New World Order [2015¦16+]


Appreciating the Icon Feature also needs a fair presentation of its original image. It seems that New Microsoft Enterprise has left such adoration for the past archives [the programming personnel cannot handle the code, anymore].

  UserFree:  INSIDE THE FAMILY OF HUMANITY we use the results from previus developments in the study of natural sciences. We build on that, and nothing else. So: For every new advancement — functionality: with nature, not against — still further will inevitably be achieved, provided ONLY there are no »fuck-ups» standing in our ASSOCIATIVE way.


— You see that: There is an Elephant trying to fuck a tree there .. IT IS BEAUTIFUL.







WHY IS A GENERAL EROTIC — all kinds of force and violence are strictly forbidden — CULTURE ABSENT IN OUR TIME?

   — Why ”strictly forbidden”, based on what?

   — Its own Nature: nobody under the influence of force and violence gets even over The Threshold in to The Kingdom of Eroticism:

   — IT cannot be experienced unless completely free — in its own productive nature: no force, no violence. 100% devotion, tenderness.




THE FREE FOR PERSONAL USE (Adrian Melsha produced) MORPHO-BUTTERFLY ICONS are one of the finest — useful and appreciated — icon examples here known in the World.

   HERE we use some of these to illuminate (copyright, icon, and comparing) examples in detailed computer handling — on a FREE AND UNBOUND base that can be reached by anybody, or should so be unless already realized.




   — Why The BigDicks?

   The Visual Effect of The Erotic — stimulating Associative fantasy without force and violence — would otherwise be lost (invisible — two people hugging a farewell on a bus station: »mustNotShowDick»).


   — We haven’t seen Your version — yet. If you can: enhance. Develop. Continue. And study the interesting results.

   — What could such icons be used for — in a daily High Tech environmental productivity?

   — Any Serious Approach. IT makes us not forget that life has a Deep (very friendly and embracing: all creatures show this same basic erotic property: there are no exceptions).



   Selecting open programs panel [Alt+TAB] in windows — only the icons [and program name] show.

WHY was this wonderful easy to read panel removed from Windows with Windows 8¦10?

— This view is from a Windows 7 Machine — now [Mar2020] long gone with The New Microsoft Approach.


EROTIC ASSOCIATION reduces our Ego — and embraces a much more broad audience inside of us.

(Erotic Associations [talk between people] in Daily Work often results in [happy] laughter — much because of the contrast to ordinary Mechanics: it is stimulating — not the smallest ”sexy” at all. That is on another level of Flying).



— IT relaxes General Communication. Only good stuff. Still all clothes ON ..

— Stop talking about the iconics now, and get to the point, please.

— I can’t.

— What do you mean ”I can’t”?






Ctrl+  D C V X      Duplicate   CopyToClip   PasteFromClip   CutToClip

Z  Zoom OnOff      Ctrl+Z for CopyToClip in Zmode

Insert — see special on MarkingRectangle: glitch free matrix exact marking rectangle function

noPictureMouseMove — it is all KeyBoard: exact matrix intervals



FrameTone — noAds

 FrameTone with corner (C) ArrowsRegulate


Ctrl + Numpad 1 2 3  5 ¦ 9     image moving matrix interval pixel steps: 1 5 20  ½ ¦ 1 page: noPictureMouseMove

S          Sharpen                      methods: Gray2 Gray1 Gray Colr1 Color Tone Blck1 Black, several step selection

                                                   copy with Ctrl+C, turn Sharpen off with a second S

B C S ...................................     2 color toneanalysis — special key locking selection, separate description

F          frameToning               ArrowsUpDn set power, RightPan has indication: F toggles OnOff

T          Tone¦ColorPan           T toggles OnOff/ShowHide


V          upper (White¦Vit) part            


B          brightness                   NumpadMinus Toggle minus¦Normal        (Shift+)ArrowsUpDn 0-100%¦step1¦10

C          contrast                        NumpadMinus Toggle minus¦Normal        (Shift+)ArrowsUpDn 0-100%¦step1¦10

S          saturation                    Shift+S            — ToggleTakeREDonOff       (Shift+)ArrowsUpDn 0-100%¦step1¦10

                                                  Ctrl+S              — ToggleTakeSkipRED         (Shift+)ArrowsUpDn 0-100%¦step1¦10

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Ctrl+ ArrowDn(Up)                  Combines contrast+brightness+Stage1Sharpening, 100-0%


G          lower (grid) part         3×4 Matrix organized:  all  R G B Highlight  MidTone  Shadow ——  0-100%


Ctrl+ArrowLeRi                       runs selected Row on Columns — with no stop

Ctrl+ArrowUpDn                     runs selected Column on Rows — with no stop

(Shift+)ArrowsUpDn               Select gradient/power 0-100% (step10¦1) — % display on top —

                                                   — with square indicator — NumpadMinus inverted


K          contour                        displays single pixel thick contour lines from a picture if applicable

                                                   K toggles the contour on(originalHidden)Off(originalBack): copy Ctrl+C




V H i  Space+H                       FlipVerticalHorizontal INVERT  ToggleColor RGB(dawnOrange) ¦ BGR (dayBlue)

Ctrl + i                                       EntireImageToClip

F5                                              AdoptWindowsSizeToLastClipImport

3                                                3D picture OnOff transfer mode: plane ¦ linear ¦ spherical — see special description

Shift+C                                      Copy 3D picture to ClipBoard (AutoCrop adaption after actual picture extension)

G                                              Gray — converts color picture object to gray scale ditto, copy by Ctrl+C

F2                                           ClearImage — erases all picture pixels, leaves a full clean white default work space



USE WINDOWS PAINT FOR SAVINGS and Safe BackUp — Delphi4Test20xx is only A »the Factory Floor Machine Hall»

— Where Things Are Made:


   IF something goes wrong in a machine hall, there is never a ”backup”: We have to be careful — Educated Responsibility — sober and fresh all over to even be allowed to enter a machine hall. Same with Delphi4Test20xx. If the slightest doubt: Don’t. Make simple and safe tests on the smallest scale and analyze the details Until Knowledge arrives — Before Do. Then we Make The Engine — safely.


PictureObjects are never — ever — saved from these Delphi4Test20xx programs:

   PictureObjects must always first copy to clip [in explicit Ctrl+C or whole image Ctrl+i] if saving is imperative :

   From there [my reference] the picture is copied into Windows Paint — where different picture file extensions can be selected:

   Ctrl+ F, E sets IMAGExy rectangle [Start 1;1]; Ctrl+V into Paint then automatically sets the actual picture metrics: save Ctrl+S.

   Operations in Delphi4Test20xx programs have no regret option — encourages us to Stay Sharp: THINK before do:

— have the [periodically manually updated] Paint copy as a safe backup — IF »shit happens». It so does, occasionally.


The WINDOWS CURSOR Move — but not the picture move as such — in Delphi4Test20xx programs is based on (same as Windows 3.1 PaintBrush)

   an ACCELERATED feature;

   The longer TIME — any arrow key — is pushed, the faster the move.

— A short deceleration occurs at the window’s edge.


— Moving Large Objects in Delphi4Test20xx is also fast

— provided selection of an appropriate pixel matrix interval  1 5 20 pixels [Ctrl+] NumPad123 or at most ½ 1 page Numpad59 for »moving garbage out fast»


  The BitMapImage area outside the actual practical screen is type »endless»: everything outside the actual screen becomes a waste when selecting a new picture object — and can be retrieved as long as no new picture object is selected: Ctrl+Arrows only moves — independent of selection.


— also provided a Fleet State default [as from program start] :

— WindowRight [orBottom] panels inform — along with Keys for selecting Fleet State details [AND¦Copy, Merge, SkipWhite].




— Keys A and W in BasicDELPHI|2D|3D: A toggles And/Copy — whichever always displays

  Ctrl+Numpad 1 2 3 5 ¦ 9 sets pixel matrix intervals 1 5 20  ½ ¦ 1 page object move

   Ctrl+Arrows execute The Fleet:

   There is no MoveByMouse in Delphi4Test20xx programs. Ever: zero glitch errors: »exact atomic precision».


   So: Moving objects around (huge) screens is based on a fast and effective sophisticated technique — however never seen (by this author) in image handling programs after Paintbrush (Windows 95):

— The free GIMP to exemplify — GNU Image Manipulating program — has it not, as also others. Strange enough.

   (Perhaps they have not developed such programming skills .. yet .. .. died with Windows 95 .. jepp).

   (It IS, my experience, very true that Image Handling/Moving of a Fleet by Keys only [three basic bitmaps is needed for co-operation (32-bit in Delphi4)] is a demanding programming exercise, no easy Sunday pick-nick).

   (So): In these Delphi4 developed Image Handling programs (here used and tested now during 25 years with excellent results), the possibility of »gliding errors» are: zero. Exact xy.


Togge contour OnOff with key K — copy with Ctrl+C, paste with Ctrl+V.


A BasicDELPHI4|2D|3D Picture Contrast/Brightness example

Further up here (Example) a photo example exposes

Contrast | Brightness 40  ¦ ToneMerging ¦ Sharpening Gray2

   what can be done with an original ”dull” photo.


Same original (Example)

   here with another (much more simple) approach

— using only Brigtness, Constrast and a final Gray2Sharpening:


.. it’s hopeless .. I give upp ..


PerfectAssembly. Conclusion: There is always hope.


CameraTechnique: always secure THAT a Most Bright Object is caught [»catched»] on the photo — disregard everything else:

   the rest we can [always] fix with a Picture Handler.

COMBINATIONS between these two different end results





is realized  with an additional ToneMerge tool (Delphi4Test20xx ¦ FrameMERGExamples)

   with 4 basic options (above right + 3 as below) — and a scaling tone gradient

   Numpad ± in each of the 4 modes ¦ SPACE + Numpad± in opposite direction





The simple (elementary) ToneMerge function as such:

Original ¦ Left ¦ Top ¦ Right ¦Bottom:



No MouseMove Regulating ProgressBars — Just KeyBoard 100%:

Ctrl, Arrows UpDnLeRi, Numpad±, SPACE key. Label1 informs Status. »Exact Matrix Positioning». No errors. Ever.

   By placing one picture over another the Merging Color Tones appear between the two originals

— presenting unique photographic features no camera can accomplish by any here known direct manner.

   Stimulating Picture Handling — unknown elsewhere (in this reference), type »MagicReality».

— »Approaching The Dream State» (where Everything is possible ..).

   It is all for free. Use it. Develop it. Only restriction: Behave — HumanRight. No profiting Poker. Please.




   My first spontaneous Reflexion 1994 on My First Computer (Windows 3.1):

.. Keyboard — with Control and a separate Numerical key pane — The Heart of The Matter .. Aha .. :

  Of course: Mouse TO THE LEFT — in co-operation with the arrow keys and other Homeys on a most ergonomic convenient work station preference (Qbasic).

   Everything ELSE introduces INCONVENIENT — tiring — work positions (»right handed piano»).

   And so it has been ever since.

   But everywhere I look in The Established World, the Mouse is placed/implied to exist ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE KEYBOARD:

— Why is that? Please Explain. Share. Come again.

— »I don’t like my left hand very much ..». OhPlease.


























   Numpad1 sets aColor in Panel37

   Numpad2 sets bColor in Panel38

   Numpad3 displays the result:

   program calculates and displays shortest RGB path between a and b

— in a pyramid for a convenient  reach on a limited (max200p) abColorTone line




DUPLICATING objects after drawn MarkRect: Ctrl+ repeated [D, Arrow] — ArrowStep 1pixel: Ctrl+Numpad1



— which then can be duplicated further for (gaining) a regular rectangle — if need be

— or just serve as a basic (interesting) RGBcolorToneStudy.


The Delphi4Code

On Image1:

        for y:= 1 to 100 do


          for x:= M-1+y to N-y do



            k:= (N-M+1 - 2*y);

            if k=0 then exit;

            k:= (x - (M-1+y))/k;




            aR + Round(k*(bR - aR)),

            aG + Round(k*(bG - aG)),

            aB + Round(k*(bB - aB))




initiated as

   A:= Panel37.Color;

   B:= Panel38.Color;

   aR:= GetRValue(A);

   aG:= GetGValue(A);

   aB:= GetBValue(A);

   bR:= GetRValue(B);

   bG:= GetGValue(B);

   bB:= GetBValue(B);



   Select color1UnderCursor with Numpad 1;

   Select color2UnderCursor with Numpad 2;

   Numpad 3 Activates/creates/presents a color (pyramid) bridge between the two.

  The result shows the shortest RGB path between Col1 and Col2

   Numpad 3 toggles the drawn pyramid OnOff.



Selection of other colors for new scopes can be made at any time:

   The drawn pyramid and its appending text is removed on end and does not affect parts painted over.




The 6 Elementary RGB (Spectral) Colors — from basic studies in Windows 3.1 on PaintBrush

— »the finest simple paint program ever»



PAINTBRUSH in Windows 3.1 is responsible for this basic color analyzing chart, and what came out of it.



Depending on Object Of Inducement:


   What DIRECT VISUAL TYPE of ColorToning exists in a specific picture of (spectral) object?

— Sometimes we want to know — or just observe — such details .. (especially from around 5 ..)



— Why?

— Is there any other way to grow a natural admiration? Please share that knowledge domain.

(In Questioning an issue or stand, the questioning itself is meaningless unless based on some fact).

(So: what is the fact in a Why? Test True answer: hunger of scientific insight. Is there anything else?).


   Numpad 3 OnOff just exposes a static view of the actual two end color  RGB bridge.

— »I really would like to ”see the whole show”» — as we xyArrowCursor sweep through the entire picture.

   Doing so, the 6 elementary RGB end colors will show up — »on each xy-step of the way», alternatively

— with an additional option for exposure of an »intermediary toning»: all just for study purposes.



   Left pyramid side always shows ColorUnderCursor, same as the topLeft General CursorColorSquare.

   When KeyTone is on — Panel38 Blinks on a second period — the pyramid changes with the cursor position:

   Left pyramid side shows the actual color under cursor, and the

   Right pyramid side shows the differently resolved end colors depending on

(in this actual example on location xy = 171;201)


 The Elementary 6 — Selection Key B (here Red) —

 The Intermediary  — Selection Key C (Type Orange .. between B and S) — and

»The Spectral» — Selection Key S — »an average» between Brighter and Darker full spectral versions.

   Key Numpad4 momentarily locks the selection so we can use the cursor for a MarkRect to Copy the part.

   All keys Numpad 5 4 3 also functions — toggles — the TwoColorToneMode OnOff:

   Directly Initiating the TwoColorToneMode, displaying the two selection color parts in Panels 37¦38;

   Left37 with actual color under cursor and Right38 with a middle gray default.

   Numpad2 sets Right38 directly on actual (other) cursor position (shows directly if KeyTone is off).

   If the pyramid does not change with the cursor move (KeyTone is off), Numpad5 turns that ShowColorContinuously ON — and Numpad 4 or 3 turns it off — and turns the whole show off on a second press.

   We use IT (mainly) for color analysis — spotting some basics in color handling (code) programming.

(Sky is Blue [except for some SolarLightEffects on clouds and atmosphere] — ground, except water reflections, is Red and Green).


Arrowing the cursor horizontally or vertically generates a color pyramid from each xy picture pixel. Three different color sets BCS can show, as simplified in central Delphi4 Pascal code below. The status text at the right panel side reflects the central color coding references, changing along with the move of the cursor: flags Spectrum cSpectrum and KeyTone activated or not [• • • • • • • • ].

   The pyramid and the rectangle info is removed when the Show is off — restoring what was eventually painted over during the show.

   Panel38 is Blinking [red/white text B, S or C] when the KeyTone text shows.



S directly (after Settings): S Unit3 r2306


        for y:= 1 to 100 do


          for x:= M-1+y to N-y do



            k:= (N-M+1 - 2*y); if k=0 then exit;

            k:= (x - (M-1+y))/k;

            Pixels[x,y]:= RGB


            aR + Round(k*(bR - aR)),

            aG + Round(k*(bG - aG)),

            aB + Round(k*(bB - aB))





Additional for B and C: B Unit3 r2367


           if (bR mod 255 > 0) then bR:= 0;

           if (bG mod 255 > 0) then bG:= 0;

           if (bB mod 255 > 0) then bB:= 0;


Additional for B and C: C Unit3 r2380


           cA:= aR+aG+aB - (sA+mA);

           k:= mA/127; if k>1 then k:= 1/k;

           if cA=aR then bR:= Round(cA*k);

           if cA=aG then bG:= Round(cA*k);

           if cA=aB then bB:= Round(cA*k);










per varje enskild Unit fil (som vi trodde kunde besparas oss ..)


— annars skapar Delphi ProjectGroups — på sätt som INTE är enkelt att lösa upp i efterhand:

   Rätt som det är, Körs ett Project Från en helt annan Katalog

än den man trodde sig ha kopierat ISOLERAT.

— Ytterst frustrerande erfarenhet.

— Ännu inte helt utrannsakat.





IconSHOW:  5Apr2022 ¦ PlainTextIm ¦ BaseTextZ



Delphi4 IconSHOW Code example


The following Delphi4 code makes a complete solution if added to FormKeyDown (in Unit 1):

   Note that a FileCtrl unit must bed added in the uses clause if the following code is to be accepted by the Delphi4 debugger (just write in FileCtrl to the others in the uses clause);

   The TS TStringList component is created on FormCreate

TS:= TStringList.Create;

and freed on FormClose


   Also these used variables are declared as global in Unit1 in the uses clause:


  GlobIco,IconCount:    Integer;        {ViewIcons¦FormKeyDown¦4Apr2022}

  CanViewIcon:          Boolean;        {ViewIcons¦FormKeyDown¦4Apr2022}

  TS:                   TStringList;    {ViewIcons¦FormKeyDown¦4Apr2022}

   IF conflicts exists on an existent FormKeyUp — shutting those down while IconSHOW is on — some extra code must be added to the FormKeyUp (and FormKeyPress) to secure proper function.


procedure TForm1.FormKeyDown(Sender:TObject;

var Key:Word; Shift:TShiftState);


  S:         string;

  SR:        TSearchRec;



  Procedure ReadIcons;



    S:= ExtractFilePath(Application.ExeName);

    if DirectoryExists(S + 'ICON\') then





       S + 'ICON\'


       then TS.Add(SR.Name) else exit;

       while FindNext(SR)=0 do TS.Add(SR.Name);



       TS.SaveToFile(S + 'ICON.txt');

       IconCount:= TS.Count;






  Procedure BrowseIcons(var Key: Word);


   case Key of




       if GlobIco > IconCount then GlobIco:= 1;





       if GlobIco <= 0 then GlobIco:= IconCount;



   S:= ExtractFilePath(Application.ExeName);

   S:= S + 'ICON\' + TS[GlobIco-1];


   if FileExists(S) then




   IntToStr(GlobIco) +

   '¦' +

   IntToStr(IconCount) +

   ' ¦ ' +





begin {FormKeyDown}




     Label1.Caption:= 'UpdateIconList ¦ Ctrl+ NumpadMultiply';

     if not CanViewIcon then CanViewIcon:=True else CanViewIcon:=False;

     if CanViewIcon then



        Label1.Caption:= 'IconFileListLoaded ¦ ' + IntToStr(TS.Count);

        CanViewIcon:= True;




    if(CanViewIcon)and(Key in [VK_SUBTRACT,VK_ADD])then









   The ICON.txt file is automatically created — even if removed manually — for each IconFileUpdate:

— This text file has no direct use — other than we as programmers can verify the function in observing that a text file really IS created (spotting how the File Explorer behaves — opened on the actual folder — when executing the code).

   Key Ctrl+Numpad* toggles IconSHOW OnOff:

   All other KeyDowns are suspended as long as IconSHOW is on:

   Keys Numpad± browses the icons in the icon list in the added project’s ICON catalog/Folder — type



   The ico-files in this list are (»The Factory») collected from a separate (main ICON) directory for convenient access:

   We can freely remove old and add new into or out of this ico-file list without stopping the Host IconSHOW program for updates:

   ONLY press Ctrl+Numpad* — for deactivating/preparing a NewList — and a second Numpad* with Ctrl still pressed

— and the icon list will be automatically updated and ready for ShowTime within the blink of an eye.

   The StatusLabel1 informs the action: IconListNumber ¦ total ¦ Name — IconSHOW displays LeftTop:




This Delphi4Test20xx program can also be sized so tight as shown in the above last 4 screen dumps.



   A final Ctrl+Numpad* closes the IconSHOW and return Keys to ordinary program functions.

   The (»Magic») shown icon type in this example is a simple (PolarMathDrawn) colored Butterfly Wing —



   End Produced in the (Mar2022) free programs

   Junior Icon Editor (the J suffix) and/or the

   GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program, the G suffix):

   All basic picture/color handling was made with Delphi4Test20xx — with some additional color testing in the (sometimes demanding but Transparency convenient) GIMP program (The Junior program has less such features — but has a good ico-file launcher).












innehåll: SÖK på denna sida Ctrl+F









          DELPHI4Test2014 FärgAnalys¦ColorAnalysis—basic2D3D


                         DELPHI4Test2011.htm — huvuddokument — HJÄLPDOKUMENT FÖR DELPHI4Test2011


                                      DELPHI4Test2011ref.htm — kompletterande


                         DELPHI4Test2011HELP.htm — särskild beskrivning
















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— Is it more och less stimulating to be part of a Dream — a real dream, inside of it — where being show such erotic tenderness it is on the verge of being apprehended, than actually experiencing a corresponing »meet between people» in the real physical world? Shorter?

   Are we more happy and stimulated living in front of the Screen as watchers, that the actors on the screen?

   IF there is no EGO in it; what is the difference: being the being who Makes IT, and being the Watcher who cannot help understaning the complete Deep of the Scene? No. There is no actual difference. That is why we can associate to each others innate world.


— Freedom from force and violence entails a CHARACTER of this nature: »enhancing the Mood»;

— We normal guys with practically invisibly small dicks (girls flee in horror to avoid us) have great pleasure in knowing that Nature has NOT made the same restrictions to all the other males;

   The FACT that nature has given the possibility for real huge dicks just deepens our respect — and lubricates our fantasy to imagine — and sometimes to directly be part of — a play of tenderness between such enduced people, and their appreciation (girls shining like Sirius, said the least).

   Above all: we want the woman to be happy — on her personal conditions.

   Illustrating such an erotic heaven without a direct visual preference — basicall a (very, huge) dick — enhances the IDEA of an ongoing performance. And we (guys) already KNOW, that WHEN we meet a women that adores big ones (Jenna James bottom line: ”the bigger the better”), our heart grows in admiration and adoration of the Woman part: she is our luxury version, everything we ever could wish for.


   — We haven’t seen Your version — yet.


Inspired by a video

SARAH had always admired, at least in her fantasy, gentle and kind men with huge dicks. They came to her in her dreams and fantasies, spending hours and hours, not to say days, just touching and kissing and feeling them all inside of her. Sarah could almost go crazy sometimes longing for that kind of touch.


It was on that safari trip to Africa it happened.

Sarahs husband suffered with her. They sometimes spent hours in discussing the possibilities, kissing and hugging, and her husband doing his best to stimulate a feature of what might be possible. And Sarah was happy for that. And so they, occasionally, started to laugh, suddenly both very aware of the fact that Sarah still was that wonderful Woman longing for that Real steel touch. Or was it just that impossible?


Car broke. Husband finding an African Mechanic, When Husband finds him (Makme), husband starts laughing, telling Makme about his mildly speaking Horny wife. Makme, namely, is Huge. Not only to the body as such. But especially below. Almost some kind of a third leg.


Husband and Makme agrees to let Wife herself discover what Makme has inside his half long shorts, as they now start walking back to the car.

   The car is the old type with the engine hood inside the drivers cabin. Now, as the approach, Husband and Makme agreed to the idea that Makme should try to fix the engine from within the cabin while Wife is looking on. She, then, sooner or later, most certainly suddenly would understand the nature of the stituation. Husband had assured Makme that ”she will not be able to hold her hands of That One, I can assure you”. And Makme had laughed at responded that That was very mych OK with him, ”I have never met a white woman before, and I promise I will try to let her discover for herself ..”.


Wife senses the Situation long before she sees them coming. She sits in tha cabin’s sofa, and has started to caress herself, letting her hand feel the growing wet between her legs.

   She blushes when Makme arrives, enters the cabin and opens the motor hood. Husband caresses Wife, whispers short .. I thing it is happening .. Wife is spotting something huge inside Makme’s half long shorts.

   Husband goes out got get a camera, while Sarah becomes increasingly occupied in looking at Makme’s one leg where thye tip of his cock is visible, continuing to let her hands strike between her legs.

   Sarah cannot hold back on what she sees. On streching her hand out towards Makme’s huge cock, he adjusts his position so she more conveniently can take a real grab around his coars shaft.

   Sarah is amazed that curling her fingers around Makme’s cock hardly even covers half. And when she finally realizes that Makme likes what she is doing, she hauls down towards him, opening her mouth, and starts sucking as much as she can of his big warm wonderful african huge cock.

   After a while, Makme is so excited and stimulated, he rasies up from his position, undresses, takes Sarahs head between his huge palms, and begins kissing her the most gentle of ways. She is all heaven, striking his cock with her both hands, answering his kisses, draws him with her to the cabin sofa.









√ τ π ħ ε UNICODE — ofta använda tecken i matematiskt-tekniskt-naturvetenskapliga beskrivningar

σ ρ ν ν π τ γ λ η ≠ √ ħ ω → ∞ ≡

Ω Φ Ψ Σ Π Ξ Λ Θ Δ  

α β γ δ ε λ θ κ π ρ τ φ ϕ σ ω ϖ ∏ √ ∑ ∂ ∆ ∫ ≤ ≈ ≥ ˂ ˃ ˂ ˃ ← ↑ → ∞ 

ϑ ζ ξ

Pilsymboler, direkt via tangentbordet: Alt+24 ↑; Alt+25 ↓; Alt+26 →; Alt+27 ←; Alt+22 ▬

Alt+23 ↨ — även Alt+18 ↕; Alt+29 ↔
















































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